Let’s Take That Business Idea To The Next Level

Many entrepreneurs will remember the moment they got a solid idea that consumed them. It is something that you can’t let go of. It nestles into your mind, you nurture the idea and it begins to grow until you get to the stage that you act on it. But then what? It takes a lot of hard work to get a business off the ground, and once the initial groundwork has been done, what next? Here are some ideas that could help you take your business to the next level. Find a business location that works for you One of the obvious steps that you can take when it comes to your business is to move out of the home and into a business location. A lot of businesses start from home and that can be a great option initially, but you may want to now deal with clients face to face or even have a retail premises. This is when searching online on websites like PropList can help you find the right thing for you. It will highlight your budget and what you can get for your money. It could be the ideal step to take. Do you have the right marketing strategy in place? No business can succeed without some from of advertising and marketing plan. It might be simple social media updates or something on a larger scale like national press, but you will have something. However, when was the last time you worked out what was...

Cultivating culture that Millennials love

The millennial generation has many people wondering what makes them tick. They are enigmas, a mysterious generation that either frustrates or excites you. Their potential is massive however, they are often left unguided in organisations because they confuse older generations. Inherently corporate organisations, and even small boomer orientated businesses, struggle to unlock the potential in millennials. As we work with our Millennial counterparts more it’s becoming evident that their own frustrations are routed in two primary world views: Firstly, the disconnect between what they experience in day to day life verse what happens inside the organsiations they work in. The way we access people and information has changed thanks to our connection economy. Secondly, the cynicism that has developed as they watched the previous generation fail at keeping our planet alive and our people happy. The way we lead has changed to become more personal and deliberate, no more sweeping visionary statements in the hope that people follow. Millennials are entering our organisations ready to make a change and skeptical that the current methods are working. In dealing with the first world view, there are a few things you can do to improve your culture to be friendlier to Millennials. Access to Information In Huddles latest Enterprise Information Landscape Study, 18-31 year olds show the most frustration on everyday tasks that waste their time: Wasting time searching for documents Figuring out who has specific information to perform tasks Trying to find their co-workers contact details Having grown up with technology...

On giving back to the industry

I’ve always admired how people come together to create something new and spectacular. Musicians do this frequently. They’re more interested in making great music than self-promotion, making them more willing to work together. Great musicians are always looking for new talent to collaborate with – people they can perform, write and ultimately promote the music industry with. Collaboration helps musicians introduce themselves to new audiences, learn, grow and network. It helps build both the industry and the individuals involved. So, why aren’t we doing this in the digital industry? Over the years, I’ve found that our industry shares a lot of information online, but this isn’t true collaboration. Sharing knowledge has become more of a self-promotional tool rather than a collaborative effort that could drive our industry to new heights. I firmly believe industries can benefit from industry leaders and players putting their pride aside and starting initiatives to accelerate understanding, expertise and promote growth within their industry. There are so many benefits of true collaboration within an industry. Here are some I’ve seen come to life during my entrepreneurial journey: What The Industry Gains When You Give Back: When people collaborate and openly share knowledge, it not only pushes industry understanding, expertise and experience, it inspires and stimulates people, injecting a renewed energy and excitement back into the industry. Collaboration can also be used as a promotional tool to attract new clients, create revenue and develop new products and services. It pushes people within the industry to create and...

Zero to One

After reading a number of books about finding purpose in life this book challenges entrepreneurs to the core to create business that build the future instead of cluttering the present with more of the same. A great book and must read for entrepreneurs. Let me dive straight into a few interesting thoughts. Best definition of a startup Hidden in this book is my new favourite definition of a startup. “A startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future.” It points to an entrepreneurs need for clear vision, the need to clearly communicate it and the fact that your vision should be bigger than you, it should build a different future. Making a difference Copying something or joining an industry does not build a new future. Entrepreneurs make a real difference by creating something new, something that didn’t exist before. Something we needed but didn’t know. Henry Ford built the first car before anyone knew what a car was. He went from zero to one. The world develops and grows when entrepreneurs go from zero to one instead of become more of the same. Monopoly is good If your going from zero to one you’re going to have the monopoly. Monopoly is not bad it’s the natural circumstance for a business building a different future. Money is just money if you have a plan People with money will always leave it in banks because they don’t know what to do with it. Money is...

Life is full

A friend once told me ‘I enjoy traveling but hate being away from home’ I finally understand, if home is where the heart is then there should be a longing to get home. My job requires me to travel to some pretty awesome places all over the world. I love these trips, I get to meet new people, new businesses, see new culture and take new photos. These trips are often highlights of my professional career and come with much learning and valuable exposure. These days I have found something more valuable than travel, success, new experiences and new learnings. Life is not made enjoyable by finding joy in your work. Life is made better by those you share it with. These people will hold your heart and they will make your house a home. The warmth and energy in your home will be driven by their heartbeat. So my tips for a full life: 1) Focus on people more than progress 2) Love people more than you love work 3) Steal time from work instead of from your family 4) Reserve some energy for the weekend, you’ll enjoy spending it there much more than at work. Article originally posted on my Medium Profile

Unisite Business Suite – Creating the Product Mix

The Unisite Business Suite is a product that started development in around 2006 by Sesalos PTY LTD. The concept was to develop web based modules that could run different web applications. As the development project grew it became increasingly evident that a structure was neccessary to describe what the Unisite was. In ‘one on one’ meetings it was possible to describe to people how the product worked but it was very difficult to explain in a short space of time the benefits and the concepts that had been developed. Sesalos was about to employ a sales team to actively sell the product but there was no product structure to even talk about. As the newly appointed Marketing Manager at Sesalos I saw the need to structure the ‘module system’ into a more manageable and explanatory portfolio. The Birth of the Business Suite I went about categorising the modules into useful configurations that would bring benefits to businesses. This lead me towards the idea of creating multiple suites under the main Business Suite. Each suite would have a very specific stand alone function but could be simply integrated with additional suites to provide the client with exponential benefits. The Unisite Business Suite Product Mix Sesalos finally launched the Unisite Business Suite in 2008 with six sub-suites: Websuite – Providing website content manangement systems Communications Suite – Providing SMS, Email and Fax systems Advertising Suite – Providing all the neccessary tools to sell advertising on a website Invoice Suite – Basic Invoicing...

Invest in your employees

I have noticed that small and medium businesses are taking less interest in their employees as they focus on trying to get their business engine running. These businesses are placing less value on their employees and the result is that their employees are placing less value in their employer. Small businesses tend to exploit talented people who are willing to work hard to ‘earn their keep’ by over working and under paying their staff. The constant excuse being that when things get better they can treat their staff better. Not all small businesses operate like this but I have noticed a trend towards this mentaility. I find this business concept and ideology a bit backward! It does not make sense to me. Employees are the most important part of your business. They are the vehicles that get things done. They build the company reputation and they keep the production cogs moving. They should be the number one priority of a business owner. There is nothing worse than building a person up, training then to be a part of your company just to see them leave because of better opportunities in another business. If a business owner invested time and energy into his/her employees they would see the following: A greater return on the employees productivity A higher level of loyalty from the employee towards the company A more positive working environment would be established. I would suggest the following list as a means to see people grow inside your company...

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