Virtual Presenter

Virtual Presenter

Virtual Presentations

Creative ways to connect with your audience

in a virtual conference

You lay the chairs out in your venue in a boardroom style or u-shape or banquet because it creates different learning dynamics in the room. Yet we still present content in the same way. What if you could change the way you deliver presentations to your audience.

I have developed a series of virtual products to break past the boundaries of conferences to create bespoke virtual experiences that are as engaging as being in the room. All of these products are also available to create hybrid experiences, turning your conference into a place where people and technology meet.

Virtual Presentations

Mike is able to deliver any of his presentations via virtual conferencing tools. He’s equipped with high volume fibre lines to ensure a strong connection to your platforms. He has presented in virtual conferences to audiences in multiple locations at the same time and has been able to keep everyone engaged.

Pre-recorded Presentations

A more professional looking and secure virtual conference package. A recorded, customised video of a presentation will bring a unique presentation into your conference without any concern of webinar dropping in the middle of the delivery.

Live Broadcast

Move up from the webinar experience. With live broadcasts, we can deliver high quality and engaging presentations. Think of it like this – its the television experience compared to the skype experience. We’re able to style our shows to match the aesthetic of your venue, do scene changes (indoor and outdoor) and live interactions with your audience.

Elevated Presentations

What if you could take your conference content and improve the engagement rate of your delegates and the knowledge they retain. I work from my presentation and have short, anecdotal, personalised videos infused with live data points to create unique videos for each delegate.

The videos are personalised to the individual and customised to your brand — the videos are delivered in a presentation style infused with live animations to communicate complicated concepts.

To complete an incredible experience, we deliver these videos over time (sometimes over a month) to your delegates – creating frequent, short bursts of informative content in a time frame that suits your delegates busy work/life schedule. Content can be delivered by email, SMS WhatsApp and internal social networks.

Virtual Workshops

Mike makes use of video conferencing and smart virtual whiteboarding to create virtual workshop experiences. They actively enable your teams to ideate and unlock their potential.