Content Partnerships

We work with content partners who can add value to our community. Our website and social media platforms provide creative content marketing opportunities that range from search engine marketing to influencer marketing.

Our community is primarily interested in topics that cover leadership, entrepreneurship, digital business, marketing and internal culture. We are specifically interested in partnering on content that expands on our views that technology unlocks human potential, and that explores how people can make the most of the digital economy. 

To make these content partnerships more accessible, we have outlined a few ways you can partner with us in creating great content that engages an audience and meets your business goals.


The shift in consumer behaviour

New technologies

Software and Apps

Technology Tips

Business Tips

Digital strategy

Business Books


The gig economy


Employee experience

Everything in-between.

Blog Partnerships

We have a transparent process of working with content partners who wish to gain from the SEO and PR benefit of backlinking and product/book reviews. I only work with content and products that add value to my community and hold the right to turn down content that does not add value.

Content Options Include

• Blog Outreach

• Backlinks

• Guest blogging

• Interviews

• Book Reviews

• App Reviews

• Expert Writing

• White Paper Collaborations

Social Partnerships

Collaborate on content with a community of over 15 000 social media followers across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

When partnering with us on our social media content, we must make it clear that we are focusing on content that adds value to our audience. We are not a typical influencer marketer who will simply take a fee for releasing cool content on our social media feeds.

In this case, we will look to provide innovative ways to partner with you and your content. We can cover a wide range of content opportunities from recorded video interviews, live discussions, webinars, reviews, documentaries and events. All partnerships will be managed to create authenticity in the message and alignment to the brand of www.mikesaunders.com.

Our community would be particularly interested in business topics, software and tools, entrepreneurship, technology and digital business.