Unisite Business Suite – Creating the Product Mix

The Unisite Business Suite is a product that started development in around 2006 by Sesalos PTY LTD. The concept was to develop web based modules that could run different web applications. As the development project grew it became increasingly evident that a structure was neccessary to describe what the Unisite was.


In ‘one on one’ meetings it was possible to describe to people how the product worked but it was very difficult to explain in a short space of time the benefits and the concepts that had been developed. Sesalos was about to employ a sales team to actively sell the product but there was no product structure to even talk about.

As the newly appointed Marketing Manager at Sesalos I saw the need to structure the ‘module system’ into a more manageable and explanatory portfolio.

The Birth of the Business Suite

I went about categorising the modules into useful configurations that would bring benefits to businesses. This lead me towards the idea of creating multiple suites under the main Business Suite. Each suite would have a very specific stand alone function but could be simply integrated with additional suites to provide the client with exponential benefits.

The Unisite Business Suite Product Mix

Sesalos finally launched the Unisite Business Suite in 2008 with six sub-suites:

  1. Websuite – Providing website content manangement systems
  2. Communications Suite – Providing SMS, Email and Fax systems
  3. Advertising Suite – Providing all the neccessary tools to sell advertising on a website
  4. Invoice Suite – Basic Invoicing and Quoting Software
  5. Sales Suite – Complete CRM and Commission Tracking
  6. Projects Suite – Providing calendar systems and project management systems

Later in 2007 Sesalos launched two additional suites the ‘Ecommerce Suite’ (a fully fledged shopping cart software package) and the ‘Accounting Suite’ (Business Accounting Software).

Positive Results

The results of the new product packaging have shown to:

  1. Decrease explanation time of the Unisite Business Suite
  2. Clearly communicate the benefits of the Unisite to perspective clients
  3. Allow for flexbility and growth of the product in the future
  4. Create the opportunity to brand www.unisite.com and start reselling the product to previous competition

The biggest benefit to Sesalos was coming to the realisation that they were in the business of selling ‘web based business software’ and not just websites.


Trying to unpack the point at which people and technology meet. One step at a time.