Invest in your employees

I have noticed that small and medium businesses are taking less interest in their employees as they focus on trying to get their business engine running. These businesses are placing less value on their employees and the result is that their employees are placing less value in their employer. Small businesses tend to exploit talented people who are willing to work hard to ‘earn their keep’ by over working and under paying their staff. The constant excuse being that when things get better they can treat their staff better. Not all small businesses operate like this but I have noticed a trend towards this mentaility.

I find this business concept and ideology a bit backward! It does not make sense to me. Employees are the most important part of your business. They are the vehicles that get things done. They build the company reputation and they keep the production cogs moving. They should be the number one priority of a business owner.

There is nothing worse than building a person up, training then to be a part of your company just to see them leave because of better opportunities in another business. If a business owner invested time and energy into his/her employees they would see the following:

  1. A greater return on the employees productivity
  2. A higher level of loyalty from the employee towards the company
  3. A more positive working environment would be established.

I would suggest the following list as a means to see people grow inside your company and develop loyalty towards your vision.

  1. Only employ people because they fit into your business objectives, not just because they will work for a lower salary.
  2. Make sure that their passions will line up with the objectives that you have outlined for them to achieve. A passionate person always produces better fruit.
  3. Spend time asking questions that will give you a better insight into what makes the employee ‘tick.’
  4. Assign tasks to the employee that will benefit them as much as it benefits you. Make the benefits clear to them.
  5. Schedule time to do frequent performance appraisels.
  6. Always come through on anything you may have promised an employee.
  7. Don’t promise anything you cannot achieve – no matter how good your intention is.
  8. Communicate the company vision to employees often. Spend the time selling the vision to them. If they can see where they are going and what for, they will be more motivated to work towards the vision.
  9. Pay them what they are worth. Stop trying to get the best deal for yourself. When an employee is worried about what they are earning they cannot focus properly on the task at hand.
  10. Focus on their goals and help them to achieve their goals by achieving your company vision

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