Zero to One

After reading a number of books about finding purpose in life this book challenges entrepreneurs to the core to create business that build the future instead of cluttering the present with more of the same. A great book and must read for entrepreneurs. Let me dive straight into a few interesting thoughts.

Best definition of a startup

Hidden in this book is my new favourite definition of a startup. “A startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future.”

It points to an entrepreneurs need for clear vision, the need to clearly communicate it and the fact that your vision should be bigger than you, it should build a different future.

Making a difference

Copying something or joining an industry does not build a new future. Entrepreneurs make a real difference by creating something new, something that didn’t exist before. Something we needed but didn’t know. Henry Ford built the first car before anyone knew what a car was. He went from zero to one. The world develops and grows when entrepreneurs go from zero to one instead of become more of the same.

Monopoly is good

If your going from zero to one you’re going to have the monopoly. Monopoly is not bad it’s the natural circumstance for a business building a different future.

Money is just money if you have a plan

People with money will always leave it in banks because they don’t know what to do with it. Money is always more valuable than anything you could do with it when you don’t have a plan. Only in a planned and definite future is money a means to an end.

Find the secret

There are secrets in this world and finding them will help us to build the next future, possibly the next monopoly. Find the secret, keep the secret and build for the secret.

The book is packed full of simple explanations that are clearly the culmination of deep thought.

You can also get a copy of my book “The Five Year Mark” which chronicles lessons I have learnt building a business to the five year mark.

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