New functionality with Facebook pages

I recently posted this on but wanted to share it on my blog as well. Facebook recently made changes that will have a big impact on the way we manage our business pages in future. Here is an excerpt of the article to explain the fundamental changes: You can now switch roles The most fundamental change is the ability to now change your role on Facebook. Now that has all changed. Facebook allows you to “switch your role” on Facebook and let your browse the Facebook network as an organisation, company, brand, product, celebrity or business. I decided to outline a few of the benefits of the new changes: What Changed? You can now act on behalf of your page on Facebook Your page can ‘like’ other pages Your page can’t become friends with a  persons profile Your page can’t comment on a persons status update Your page can comment on another page Your page now has a newsfeed that collates all the news from the pages you follow meaning you can now track business partners, sponsors, industry experts and competitors on Facebook Your profile now sports a funky looking picture banner at the top of your page. What are the benefits? You now get notifications of comments on your page via email When you “switch” your account to a page account your notifications list will house the page notifications Your new friends button will now show a list of the people who recently ‘liked’ your page Your business...

Measuring marketing effectiveness with Facebook

Facebook has recently announced new analytic measurement platforms that will make it easier to justify the marketing power of social media management. Facebook Insights: The new and improved insights platform for measuring the activity on your Facebook pages has added a few interesting points: 1) How many people have hidden your updates from their Live Feed? 2) Which websites refer people to your Facebook page? 3) How do people find out about your Facebook page? In additional to these new statistics and the information already available it is now becoming easier to make calculated strategic decisions about how to market your brand inside Facebook

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