The War for Trust

The internet is a wonderful place where brands can build a relationship with their customers and build brand love. It’s also a place where brands have been damaged by customer feedback, boycotts and hate speech.

Fire gives both warmth and light but mishandled it can cause mass devastation. The internet is similar, providing great potential to build brands, but also presenting risk. Understanding the tactics and strategies for developing brand love online is an important step, however, there is on the more human element we need to consider carefully.

Trust! Trust is the cornerstone of brand love and brand building. A trusted brand fairs well on social networks and blogs, an untrusted brand, however, is a minefield for a reputational crisis.

This presentation will explore the trust equation, developed by Trusted Advisor, and how various digital strategies; platforms and tactics can be used to build trust and ultimately brand love with your customers.

We will explore the value of SEO, Social Media, Brand Utility, Mobile Apps, Websites, Content Strategy, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. We will find digital opportunities to make strong human connections that lead to better trust and ultimately stronger brand love.

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