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Only 13% of people feel happy in their jobs. I believe this should be a crime. More than that it is fast becoming clear with the invention of artificial intelligence that human beings will face a major challenge in the future – finding meaningful work.

With the amount of time we spend working we should be able to find work that excites us and inspires us. This presentation helps people see that they are in control of how much they love their work. It motivates your workforce to reignite their passion, and their love for what they do.


Understanding that humans need to create, we need to see things through, make something valuable and find our value in our creation. It’s harder than it sounds, so we fail often. We explore why failure matters and what to do with it.

Life Wasters

Beware of the Life Wasters! Everything from Facebook to unhealthy relationships tend to take up time and waste our lives. We share some practical tips to ditch the time wasters and make the most of life.


We tend to measure views instead of action. Success should come from the change in behaviour, not the number of likes. Measure the right things.

Emotional Intelligence

People will never be happy until they understand what makes them tick and how to manage it. We explore tips around developing a stronger EQ to help people enjoy their work.


We have been taught that materialism and getting things matter. We were lied to! The happiest people in the world are those that approach life with a giving mindset. They are the people that matter and their work matters.


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