Growthpoint Smartmove

The problem In response to the changing dynamics of the property industry in a post-COVID world, Growthpoint launched a project called SmartMove. SmartMove provides high value and returns on investment for property rentals. Digitlab was commissioned to build a WordPress website that would integrate with its property database to promote the SmartMove portfolio on a campaign website. The challenge was made more interesting in that the property database was created in MS SharePoint, and integrates with a Laravel CMS and database system. These two systems needed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress to provide a simple and easy-to-use user journey for their customers. Our Role Digitlab was brought on as the digital agency to develop the WordPress site and build the necessary system integrations. Also, Digitlab designed the user experience and managed all the content collation and database restructuring. Read about the Web Development Solution on the Digitlab Website

How To Make A Difference In Business

Entrepreneurs are driven by financial gain, understandably so, as their businesses would fail early on without profit. But while money is the baseline for a successful business, business leaders must consider matters of greater importance if they want to make their mark. If we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the basic human need to survive is at the bottom of the pyramid. Higher up the pyramid are self-fulfilment needs such as self-actualization, in which we achieve our full potential through creative activities, for example. 

Tips To Help Retain Customers & Improve User Experience Online

Customers are an integral part of your business and it’s important that you’re making every effort to keep them happy with whatever service or products you’re selling and providing. However, there is a lot that can be done to help retain customers and improve their overall user experience online. That way, you can continue profiting from these loyal customers, whilst also developing your business to attract more of the same customer. Here are some helpful tips to ensure this happens in your business.

Context, Relationship and Intelligence

A framework from my book Humancentric for how to create businesses in the fourth industrial revolution. How do we focus more on people than technology? When we do our research behind all of the aspects of business, we need to focus on the context we are in, the relationships around that and intelligence. Technology is impacting all of these elements. If we take our knowledge of all of the disruptive forces and apply them through this exploration lens, we can simplify the opportunity for fourth industrial revolution success.

Sell in reverse order

I recently read this article on marketing to the C-Suite, which shares an interesting diagram on “selling in reverse order.” We are not talking about reverse selling which uses sales psychology to help customers convince themselves they need your product – selling in reverse order is about flipping the typical sales convention on its head. 

Treat ideas with contempt

‘m an ideas man. I love the brainstorming, out the box thinking, stringing together concepts and frameworks, finding opportunity and finding gems. Its who I am, and it’s my happy place – my safe place. Being an ideas man has stood me well as an entrepreneur. I have always found it easy to navigate new ways around problems. There is, however, a big lesson that I have learnt that does not come easy – not all ideas are good ideas. Most ideas are bad ones. I sunk two million in a bad idea a few years ago and I have run with many other bad ideas. Yes, I have learned from each one, but I wish I didn’t have to – I wish you don’t have to either.

TEDx Countdown Event Marketing

The Countdown Event Countdown events are gatherings to amplify and demonstrate climate solutions with the world. At their core, they use the TEDx model but with some notable differences. They also can be in various formats – virtual gatherings with or without original speakers, live screenings of the Countdown global launch, showcases of solution technologies, or even volunteer activities contributing to positive change. It’s time to take back power on climate!

Yesterday you said tomorrow - Just do it!

— Nike

Its been a year of delaying plans and struggling but I’ve watched many business do great things in 2020. Don’t let your circumstance dictate your position – get out there and get things done to achieve your goals. No excuses!

Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication

— Leonardo Da Vinci

A wonderful explanation that the path to simplicity means wading through he complex only to strip it away until you’re left with a simple solution. Take the time to dive deep into your problems so you can arrive at the destination of simplicity

The Durban Film Mart Virtual Conference


Digitlab was the digital marketing agency tasked with attracting over a thousand attendees to the conference. Digitlab were also the technology partner, providing the broadcast and technological backbone to the conference. We handled the entire attendee experience from the first marketing email coupled with social media and online advertising, to the registration, the payment, the conference platform, the webinar delivery, the broadcast-level production and finally the supporting data analytics.

Lessons in building business dashboards

In business, I have learnt the incredible value of building dashboards that eliminate unnecessary data (ruthlessly) and focus only on imperative and useful stats that help you make informed decisions quickly.  In my average week, I refer to two central dashboards. One the shows the health of my business and the other that track my key priorities (which change every few months). The help me progress my business, weather the storms and build a company I’m proud of.  My critical lessons in creating these have been: 1) It should not be hard or timeconsuming to find and update the stats – otherwise, it will fail in a matter of weeks 2) The whole team should agree to the outputs you measure – this helps create buy-in and track accountability. 3) Track what you need to track – never track everything you can (this will drive you insane) 4) If it can’t help you make a decision – get rid of it. So imagine how happy I am to see how we have been able to do this for our clients in our new digital dashboards. None of the clutter, nothing siloed, and meaningful data stories that help them make decisions. Today I got to see the digital dash for Digitlab, yes, we finally got round to creating one for ourselves. Such a great tool. Proud of the team who put this together. 

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