Out of Sight Should Never Mean out of Mind When it Comes to Colleague Care

You already know that caring for your employees is an essential part of running a business, don’t you? A manager who cares can expect to see better results, as well as attracting better candidates when word gets around. They can hold onto their staff for longer than they might otherwise, and even see people putting in the extra mile. That’s because, when you care, your team members will, too. And, that’s what you need if you want to see success of any kind.

In the past, caring for staff was a relatively simple process. That’s because they were in the office right along with their managers. That made it easy to spot what they needed and how to provide it. And, this is a method even the modern entrepreneur needs to put in place to keep the team around them happy. But, your responsibility of care no longer ends there.

That’s because the majority of workplaces, including our #workfamily, now also operate with staff members further afield. Whether you have delivery teams or remote workers, you should do what you can to care for them. If you’re unsure how just keep on reading to find out.

Are you considering care on the road?

Delivery drivers are tricky to manage. They’re on your books like any other employee, yet they’re out on the road every day. If you aren’t careful, you could forget all about them. If you do that, you certainly aren’t caring for them the way you should. Make sure that doesn’t happen by thinking about every aspect of their needs. Placing trackers on their vans, for example, can help you enforce breaks as you do closer to home. Taking time to compare van insurance at one sure and others like them can ensure that you’re caring for them from a legal standpoint in case of accidents. You may even find it worth asking your road team to come into the office at least once a week. That way, you can check how they’re doing on a personal level, and offer any extra care you might notice that they need.

Are you giving remote workers what they need?

Remote workers are a newer work trend, but most business managers now rely on at least a few of these. They provide the chance to operate across the world with ease. Remote work can also cut costs for you. But, you still need to make sure that you’re caring for your remote team. They’re still technically your employees, after all. Part of this means checking in regularly using Skype, Google Hangout calls or other communications. You also need to make sure that you’re providing them with everything they need to do their jobs. While remote workers usually supply their own computers, it’s down to you to ensure they have easy access to any programmes they need. This is a small thing which can go a long way towards showing them that you care about how easy their lives are. And remember; caring can take you far.


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