Common Mistakes That Reputation Managers Often Make

Brand management is everything if you run your own business. If you do not manage your brand effectively then everything that you have worked so hard to build really will be for nothing, not to mention that you will lose out on profit and time as a result.

Paying Someone to Post some Positive Reviews

Sure, it can be tempting to work with someone who can get you fake, positive reviews. They will work to create several social media accounts and they will post fake reviews from them. Some companies may promise to do this all over the internet, for a very small fee. Regardless of how they do this, or even how much they charge, this will almost certainly hurt your company’s reputation. This is especially the case when it comes to the Google search page. Google will punish sites that do this, and they will also hinder your ranking. If you want to get around this, then ask the clients you have had in the past to post a review for you. Offer them something in return, and always try and conduct business honestly over the internet. If you are struggling to manage your brand online, then consider hiring a high-quality branding service. That way, you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your business while they work with your company image.

Encouraging Trolls Online

Trolls are constantly looking for ways to post defaming comments because they want to try and get a reaction. So many reputations have been ruined because business owners try and respond, which makes them look unprofessional. Instead of responding in a negative way, try and take the comment as feedback. You also need to try and encourage the poster to contact you in private so that you can talk it out. Offering them a discount on their next purchase can go a long way too.


Lying is unethical and wrong, but so many companies do it anyway. They may lie about the services provided, your products or anything online. It’s so easy to lie when you are sat behind a computer screen, and this is especially the case if you know that it is going to get you more sales and profit in the long-run. Instead of lying, try and be as transparent as possible. This will give you the chance to show your customers how much you care about them, and that you just want to give them an honest experience.

Ignoring Customers

Ignoring a customer is always the wrong thing to do. You have to remember that they are always the reason why you are in business, and if you are not careful then you could end up ruining years of loyalty over one experience. Even if you have a bad customer, you need to deal with them in the best and most professional way possible. When you do this, you can then rest assured knowing that they will always respect you for it and that they will also keep on coming back to your business as a result.


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