7 Ways Technology can Benefit Your Business

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest technologies, especially if you’re not a natural tech-head. This is why I suggest that you keep your eyes on context. relationship and intelligence, instead of chasing down every single new technology hype. To see growth and success in your business, you do need to understand the people who will use your tech and the benefits that technology makes available to you. Technology can aid your business in many ways, and we have listed some of the benefits in this article. If you haven’t caught up yet, then it might be time for a rethink.

Consider the following, and make the relevant changes in your business.

Benefit #1: Technology can aid productivity

Think about your working day and the many tasks you have before you. We are betting you have a lot on your plate, and like many of us, you probably wish you had more time in the day to get everything done. While there isn’t technology in place (yet) to slow down time, there is technology available to aid your productivity in the day, increasing business efficiency so you are able to get through most of your to-do list at a faster rate than you would if you were still reliant on manual processes. As discussed in the linked article, technology can streamline many of your usual tasks, from managing your accounts to improving your sales processes. For both you and your employees, the need for overtime should soon become a thing of the past if you implement just a few of the tools that are available to you.

Benefit #2: Technology can secure your business

For starters, you will probably understand the importance of digital security systems to protect your business from intruders. With CCTV, access controls, and alarm systems in place, you can protect your business from any outside threats. In the age of cybercrime, you also need to secure your business in the event of hacking attempts. Data breaches are more common than ever before and assuming you keep an eye on the stories reported in news media, this should be of no surprise to you. As a business owner, you need to gain your customer’s trust, and part of this is having security measures in place to protect their information. This includes the installation of the latest firewalls and anti-virus software on your computer systems. Without them, you are leaving yourself open to attack, and should the unthinkable happen, you will lose both customers and your reputation.

Benefit #3: Technology can help you market your business

On a very basic level, you are probably using technology to market your business on a regular basis. With a website and the usage of social media apps, you are (we are assuming) already utilising some of today’s technologies to promote your business. Hoorah! However, you can leverage technology in other ways. There are all kinds of software tools available to you, from those that can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, to apps that can help you with your brand design. You can take a look at some of the tools available to you here. Through every stage of your marketing journey, you can utilise these tools to both find and attract potential customers to your side.

Benefit #4: Technology allows for mobile working

Thanks to the power of the cloud, you and your employees can work from the car, home, or anywhere that can secure an internet connection. You can create a mobile office on your phone or computer, and use cloud-powered applications that enable you to communicate and collaborate with your employees and business clients. Considering many employees and business owners crave a greater work-life balance, you can utilise these technologies to bridge that gap.

Benefit #5: Technology can help you beat the competition

Any business that hasn’t dragged themselves into the 21st-century is going to suffer. As we have already suggested, technology can improve marketing, boost productivity, and offer protection. If you have such technologies in place and your competitor doesn’t, you are already putting yourself at an advantage. However, there are other ways to use technology to beat your rivals, although some of the methods involved are a little underhand. From using Gmail Ads to use your competitors emails against them to downloading your competitors Twitter followers through an analytics company, check out these self-proclaimed ‘unusually brilliant’ ways to beat your competitors using modern technology. Cunning, yes, but the business world is ruthless, after all!

In my digital agency, we use technology to find n innovative edge, develop business demand and market brands and you can see our digital case studies see how we have practically helped our clients beat their competition. 

Benefit #6: Technology can help you play with the big boys in business

As a small business, you might not have the funds to hire a large team to work with you. You won’t have the same budget for your marketing. However, your business doesn’t have to suffer as a consequence. Thanks to the many software apps and tools available to you, it is possible to run a business without hiring a huge staff team. Provided you have a good looking website, your online presence doesn’t have to suffer next to your larger competition. Thanks to marketing automation tools, you don’t need a large marketing team to manage this aspect of your business. Money might be tight, and your staff ratio may be low, but technology can help you to stay afloat, no matter how many ripples the bigger businesses create in the marketplace.

Benefit #7: Technology can strengthen your customer service

Technology should never take over human interaction entirely – most customers still prefer the personal touch – but you can use tech to your advantage. From CRM systems to online chatbots, you can improve the way you communicate with your customers, speeding up processes which can benefit both you and your customers. You can also use social media and your website to stay in touch with your customers; great for communication and improving your brand loyalty.


Technology can benefit your business in many ways, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to get on board. Use some of the suggestions we have given you in this article, and continue to research the latest innovations available to you. Your business should prosper and grow as a result, and that, if for no other reason, should be all the incentive you need to modernise your operation.


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