Perks Of The Job: Attracting Better Candidates To Your Business

Recruitment can be a very frustrating field, especially in this digital world. Regardless of how much effort you put into making your advert, getting it out into the world, and going through the applications you receive, it will always feel as though the perfect employee is a resume or two away. While this is partly thanks to a stagnant job market, it could also be down to the perks which you offer alongside your roles. To give you an idea of what you can use to attract better professionals to your roles, this post will be exploring some of the most popular perks which come with modern jobs.


The concept of a company car has been around for a long time, with employers providing their team members with their own sets of wheels to ensure that they can get around. While this can cost a lot of money, it gives you the chance to offer a lower salary, while also ensuring that the people working for you will always look incredibly professional. Car dealerships will often offer lease agreements to handle this. This will make it possible to pay for the cars as if they were just another salary, helping to avoid any cash flow issues as the result of this investment. Being able to offer a company car will make your job look more desirable than other options on the market.

Health & Fitness

Keeping fit and healthy is a challenge, especially when people are stuck working in office environments. While this isn’t something an employer is responsible for, it makes sense to care about this side of your employee’s lives, as it will always impact their work. There are loads of companies out there which can offer to handle your health jobs over the internet. Giving employees the chance to get advice whenever they need it. This is almost better than providing insurance, though this is an element which a lot of employers will also add to their list of perks. People will be happy knowing that their job secures their health.

Vacation Time

Spending every waking hour at work is something which most people hate the idea of. When you work more than 50 weeks out of the year, it will feel as though you never leave work. This is something which most people want to avoid. Offering generous amounts of vacation time can often improve productivity, while also attracting more people to apply for your roles. Of course, though, some businesses won’t have as much freedom as others here. Especially if you work in an industry which requires constant human interactions. It’s very common for people to quit jobs when they don’t feel like they are being given the time for it.

Food & Drinks

Most people will be thinking about their budget when they are applying for jobs, factoring in the money they have to spend on the various aspects of their life. Food is a big part of this, with lunches at work costing a small fortune when they are bought each day, and taking a big chunk out of an employee’s paycheck. It won’t cost you as much to provide everyone with meals though. Not only does this give you the chance to keep everyone healthy, but it will also cause a surge in productivity, with hungry people being bad workers. Along with this, you should also provide drinks, though carbonated and sugary options are best avoided.

Flexible Work

Over the last few years, freelance work has been becoming increasingly popular. People want to have flexible jobs which don’t tie them down to set working hours, and this is something which very few traditional roles provide. If you run an office, giving your team the chance to choose their hours will often work quite well. Of course, it’s always worth setting windows for this, ensuring that people don’t leave all of their work until the end of the week. Along with this, you may also need a software system in place to monitor everyone’s working hours to ensure that no one is enjoying shorter days.

Respectful Communication Policies

As technology helps people become more connected, its becoming increasingly difficult for people to escape work. Organisations should be more proactive in finding better ways to protect their employees from unsolicited and unnecessary communications during their down-time. Like how France implemented the right to disconnect law, and how DigitLab stopped using whatsapp as an internal communications tool, we should all do what we can to create a better work-life balance.


Having worked for years to get into their roles, people who work in highly specialised jobs will often be very passionate about their work. They will care about the tools which they use, and will be happier applying for a job when they know that they will have access to top of the line equipment when they start working. This will be expensive, making it worth avoiding unless you find a position which is proving to be very hard to fill. Like the cars you give to your team, you can often find companies which are willing to lease this gear to you, making the whole thing far cheaper than buying it all outright.


It doesn’t take long for an employer’s reputation to start spreading once they have hired a handful of team members. Those who treat their employees badly will find it very hard to attract good candidates to their jobs, creating a problem for themselves which can be a real challenge to solve. If you take good care of your employees, though, you will have the chance to benefit from some strong word of mouth. A lot of people aren’t actively looking for new roles, but would be happy to move for a job which would provide more perks. So it is always worth trying to get people talking about what it’s like to work for you.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of attracting the best possible candidates to your business. While this sort of work may seem like an impossible challenge when you first start out, it can be surprisingly easy to attract the right people to your business. As time goes on, this will get easier, and you will learn more about what it takes to get good employees. Until then, it could be worth talking to a recruitment agent for some advice, as these professionals handle this sort of work every day.

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