Sell in reverse order

I recently read this article on marketing to the C-Suite, which shares an interesting diagram on “selling in reverse order.” We are not talking about reverse selling which uses sales psychology to help customers convince themselves they need your product – selling in reverse order is about flipping the typical sales convention on its head. 

Tips for Creating Presentations That Really Sell Your Ideas

In your professional life – whether you are an entrepreneur trying to attract new investors and convince would-be customers, or whether you are a traditional employee, trying to convince your managers to take a particular approach to solving a given problem – it is likely that you will often find yourself needing to put together effective presentations. Presentations can take many different forms. They can be based on showing off certain analytical trends, in order to highlight areas where greater investment of resources may be beneficial, or they can serve a somewhat more emotive function, such as in the case of driving home the importance of a particular HR policy. Whatever the purpose of your presentation, specifically, the broad idea is often going to be the same: effectively “selling” your ideas. Here are some tips for creating presentations that really can sell your ideas, effectively. Understand the power of visual and aesthetic elements It might be nice, on some level, to think that in any given presentation “the data will speak for itself”, but to believe this would be to overlook a lot of the emotional aspect of human nature. Even in businesses where the shots are called by hard-nosed professionals, “selling” your ideas effectively is often going to require you to leverage the power of striking visual and aesthetic elements. To this end, you should think about whatever tools are available to help you create more aesthetically appealing, and visually impressive presentations. You may, for example, be able to...

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