DigitLab Academy partners with Damelin Online to further digital education in Africa

Mike Saunders, DigitLab Academy founder, has a passion for education, particularly teaching people how to make the most of technology to improve their life and business. To this end, through the The DigitLab Academy, Mike has partnered with Damelin Online to bring this material to people in an online training environment. “At Damelin Online we found a partner who can help us influence the education industry into Africa and beyond,” says Mike Saunders. New course: Online Personal Branding The course is for anyone who wants to unlock the power in their network by leveraging the online world. If you have a sale to make, a business to build, a promotion to get, a message to share or a movement to start, this book will help you amplify and accelerate the work you do. Your personal brand is one of the most valuable assets you can control. First impressions are everything and your social media accounts are where people will be confronted by who you are. Like it or not, your personal online presence is now a vital part of your CV. This seven-week course, based on Renowned by Mike Saunders, is all you need to get your online brand putting your best forward and making those first impressions count. The course will cover everything from finding your online voice to which social media platforms are best suited for your needs and goals. This is a modular online course hosted by Damelin Online and will teach you to: Identify your personal brand narrative...

Announcing My Latest Book: Renowned

Mike Saunders, entrepreneur, author, CEO and International Speaker, has released his second book – Renowned, A guide to building a powerful personal brand online. In his book Mike recalls the story behind the book. ‘In February 2010, I received a surprising phone call from a potential client. It was the shortest sales call of my life, made particularly unusual, because I barely said anything. The woman on the other side of the phone simply said: “I have read your blog posts, listened to your podcasts, and I know you are right for the job. How much do you charge, and can I book you for next month?” I ended the call, happy for another consulting engagement, and thinking that the whole thing must have been a bit of a fluke. A few months later, I received another surprising phone call. This time, from the Presidency of South Africa. They said they had done their research and decided that I was the most knowledgeable expert in the field they needed assistance with, and would like to book some time with me. Later that year, after starting my digital agency, DigitLab, I received the third surprising phone call. It was from a bigger digital agency. They told me they’d seen my work, been impressed by it, and wanted me to consider opening their Durban office. I ended up turning down that opportunity simply because I realised how much I love working for myself and didn’t want to report to anyone else in...

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