Three fantastic time management techniques that will change your life

2011 is drawing to a close soon and as I look back I have been able to say that it was a relatively successful year. I have managed to meet all of my business targets and I have enjoyed every moment of the year. I am often asked about my time management techniques and I thought it would be great to start sharing these with people from this blog. So as this is mainly a social media and social business blog you may see a few productivity article thrown in for fun. It is seriously one of my favourite topics. Get up early About 10 years, my grandmother gave me a great piece of advice as I was telling her how I am a night person and how I do most of my work at night. Her advice was “successful people wake up early.” This contradicted everything I had known till that point. I am a night person and not a morning person. My brain does not function in the morning. Well after a few years I decided to give it a try. I started going to bed earlier and getting up early to get my work done. Something changed. I found that I worked quicker in the morning and with more focus. The only way I can explain this is that at night you deadline is “tomorrow morning” which is hours away and so a slower work pace is usually adopted. Frequent coffee trips to stay awake and the...

3 lessons from the Global Leadership Summit

As a businessman I have become acutely aware that my ability to lead is directly related to the growth and success of any business I run. This has lead me to read as much as possible on leadership, follow top leadership professionals and attend conferences where I can learn more about successful leadership. The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is one of those conferences that I have been attending for the past three years. The conference is primarily a Christian Leadership conference but has been very good at finding speakers outside the Christian circles. Seth Godin, Jack Welsch and a host of other leadership and business “greats” have all spoken at the GLS. The Christian aspect of the conference is also refreshing as I have always held a personal belief that the Bible is the best source of wisdom in how we should live, lead and treat each other in this world. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you three key learnings that I got out of the conference. I hope these pearls of wisdom help you in your leadership journey. Bill Hybels: What is your current challenge level Dangerously over challenged: too much going on Appropriate: there is a sense of finality and completion Under challenged Bill suggests, as do many others, that our best work is done when we are challenged just over our “over challenged” mark. In other words we are slightly out of our depth which excites us and challenges us to...

Five tips to beating social media overload

Yesterday I was emailed over facebook by a follower of this blog. I still get a kick when people touch base and tell me that they actually read everything I write up here. The gentleman that emailed (lets call him Frank) wanted to know how to do social media management and still have a life afterwards. Frank has stumbled accross a very important element of social media that is often under-rated. Social media is addictive and time consuming. Especially if you are marketing through social media. This only gives us a better reason to be ‘wasting or time‘ on our favourite network. If you want to make sure you optimise your time on networks like Facebook and Twitter here are a few tips that may help: Give yourself a time frame to spend in social media and stick to it. After your time is up – Close the web browser/programme. Use a Twitter Client. This helps because twitter clients are designed in such a way that you can tailor the information you recieve from twitter. This means you get less distracted. Twitter clients are now starting to offer Facebook, Linkedin and integration. Have a social media free day – Every now and then, spend a day away from social media. This helps in many ways, but the most important one for me is clarity. When I leave social media for a day, I start thinking about the marketing exercises that really work. Don’t flog a dead horse – If...

List of Twitter Clients

A twitter client is a programme that can be used to access your twitter account without actually going to the website. Twitter clients are becoming increasingly useful as they allow you to customise what you see in twitter and most have now extended their service to facebook as well. Making it easier to manage your online social profiles. To make life easier I have listed a few twitter clients that I recommend with a brief list of highlights: Tweet Deck Mobile app suport Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace integration Works on windows and mac Hootsuite Windows and mac compatible iPhone app Schedule tweets Facebook, Linkedin and integration Click through statistics Thwirl Works on windows and mac Video recording capability support Seesmic Works on windows and mac Blackberry and Andriod apps Facebook integration At the end of the day its your choice! Enjoy

Unisite Business Suite – Creating the Product Mix

The Unisite Business Suite is a product that started development in around 2006 by Sesalos PTY LTD. The concept was to develop web based modules that could run different web applications. As the development project grew it became increasingly evident that a structure was neccessary to describe what the Unisite was. In ‘one on one’ meetings it was possible to describe to people how the product worked but it was very difficult to explain in a short space of time the benefits and the concepts that had been developed. Sesalos was about to employ a sales team to actively sell the product but there was no product structure to even talk about. As the newly appointed Marketing Manager at Sesalos I saw the need to structure the ‘module system’ into a more manageable and explanatory portfolio. The Birth of the Business Suite I went about categorising the modules into useful configurations that would bring benefits to businesses. This lead me towards the idea of creating multiple suites under the main Business Suite. Each suite would have a very specific stand alone function but could be simply integrated with additional suites to provide the client with exponential benefits. The Unisite Business Suite Product Mix Sesalos finally launched the Unisite Business Suite in 2008 with six sub-suites: Websuite – Providing website content manangement systems Communications Suite – Providing SMS, Email and Fax systems Advertising Suite – Providing all the neccessary tools to sell advertising on a website Invoice Suite – Basic Invoicing...

Social Networking Experiment

Anyone who has started the process of marketing themselves online would have heard someone use the phrase ‘social networking.’ Social networking has become such a large part of internet marketing because the general trend of internet users has been to move from a research focus to a social media management focus online. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, Youtube and many other social network platforms are available, but which one should we focus on. Lets be serious, most business owners don’t have the time to network across more than one social platform. The benefit of networking across multiple platforms is that each platform has its own group of loyal fans. These fans may also have other profiles on other networks but they prefer to operate in one specific network. They know and understand this network and more importantly they have fun in their chosen network. A person is more open and approachable in an environment they enjoy than in one they don’t enjoy. Spreading your social networks will help you find people in an environment they choose and in that place you will have the opportunity to network efficiently and effectively. The Good News I have done an experiment and the end result has been very beneficial. Saving me time and increasing my back-linking to my websites and more importantly driving traffic to my websites. The concept is simple: find a way to update multiple social network platforms from one place. Here is how it works: 1) Visit is...

Managing Tasks

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have a long list of Things to do. Managing my time and task list has always been bit of a challenge. Meeting deadlines and making sure that a ball is not dropped is part of my everyday life. I am a fan of the GTD principle so tend to write every thing down that needs to happen. As my technology started to evolve, writing things down became emailing tasks through to myself. Needless to say I started getting a lot more email. I am very deadline orientated and often need to know exactly where I am with each project I am working on. I have often tried different task management systems but found that every system didn’t provide for the flexibility I needed in managing my tasks.

Sesalos – Finding its place in the market

Around the time that I started working at Sesalos (PTY) LTD, Sesalos was a ‘complete media solution’ to their clients. Sesalos offered graphic design, websites, TV, corporate video’s, 3D visualisation, radio advertising and music recording to its client base. It’s client base was very broad and included corporate clients as well as musicians. My role in the company was to market Sesalos to advertising agenicies in Durban. I quickly realised that even though Sesalos was a great tool for advertising agencies to use, it was seen as a competitor as most agencies did a fair amount of the design and production work in-house. This bought about the first big marketing challenge – I needed to reposition Sesalos in the mind of the advertising industry. Analysing the Service Offering The current service offering that Sesalos had was creating alot of misconceptions in the market place about who they were. Were the an advertising company, a marketing agency or a production house. In speaking with the MD I found out that it was the vision of Sesalos to be a backend to advertising agencies. Sesalos wanted to be a production company. So here we had our first clear directive on the marketing front. Sesalos needed to position itself as a media production company. This meant a restructure in the product/service offering. We stopped advertising our graphic design department, closed the 3D visualisation department and made a key decision to focus all the marketing efforts towards the advertising industry and to move out...

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