Leadership and Motivation

Keith Coats, the man who was both my mentor and mentoree, helped me realise that helping people unlock their true potential meant they needed to be motivated and inspired. There are many different leadership styles and ways of motivating staff, but Keith approached motivation in a similar way to Fredrick Hertzberg. If you aren’t familiar with Hertzberg, he was an American psychologist famous for his model of motivation theory. Hertzberg suggested people aren’t only motivated by what he referred to as ‘Hygiene Factors’ in a work environment. What are ‘Hygiene Factors’? They are the basics aspects of employment that need to be met to make sure employees feel satisfied in their jobs. Here are Hertzberg’s ‘Hygiene Factors’: Job security Compensation Organisational politics Relationships Working conditions Quality leadership These factors aren’t tools that can be used to motivate people or increase job satisfaction. Hertzberg’s theory suggests that motivation and job satisfaction don’t rely on one another. Employees can actually be satisfied in their jobs but demotivated at the same time. Often, leaders make the mistake of trying to use ‘Hygiene Factors’ to motivate people. I say ‘mistake’ because ‘Hygiene Factors’ may provide a short-term increase in job satisfaction, but they don’t successfully motivate people. But, that’s not to say hygiene factors aren’t important. They are a good foundation for motivation and good leadership means making sure they are met: Compensation: Make sure your team is earning a fair and market-related salary. Quality leadership: Invest in your team. Constantly work on their...

How Data Helps Marketers Be More Innovative

Is it possible that marketers are out there raving about how data is the future, yet secretly hiding behind ‘data complexity’? All signs point to yes, and this is because they have not yet found out how to harness data in their marketing initiatives just yet. In essence, we believe in the impact of data but aren’t sure how it fits into our world yet. It’s more of a futurist idea than a real value-add today. As marketers, we’re in the business of behaviour change and The Fogg Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation; Ability; and Trigger. When a behaviour change does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing. So, how can data equip us in each of these elements? Motivation: Every BIG IDEA in marketing is entered around key consumer insight, the motivating factor for change. It speaks to the heart of people and it the central reason for the success of an idea. The trouble is that it takes time to identify the key insights and build creative ideas around them. In today’s world of instant consumers, we are facing a challenge as marketers to understand customer insights and consumer shifts quicker than ever before. Managing data stores and accessing consumer and business data efficiently will make it possible for marketers and agencies to understand their consumers faster. I’d say real-time here, but that’s a pipe dream that doesn’t work in reality. It’s possible...

Invest in your employees

I have noticed that small and medium businesses are taking less interest in their employees as they focus on trying to get their business engine running. These businesses are placing less value on their employees and the result is that their employees are placing less value in their employer. Small businesses tend to exploit talented people who are willing to work hard to ‘earn their keep’ by over working and under paying their staff. The constant excuse being that when things get better they can treat their staff better. Not all small businesses operate like this but I have noticed a trend towards this mentaility. I find this business concept and ideology a bit backward! It does not make sense to me. Employees are the most important part of your business. They are the vehicles that get things done. They build the company reputation and they keep the production cogs moving. They should be the number one priority of a business owner. There is nothing worse than building a person up, training then to be a part of your company just to see them leave because of better opportunities in another business. If a business owner invested time and energy into his/her employees they would see the following: A greater return on the employees productivity A higher level of loyalty from the employee towards the company A more positive working environment would be established. I would suggest the following list as a means to see people grow inside your company...

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