Authentic loyalty through brand utility

Gone are the days of promoting your brand, of talking it up as the coolest brand around so that the customer loves you. We are now in the age of the empowered consumer, and these customers are skeptical of traditional marketing tactics, all they see is a gimmick. Traditional loyalty schemes don’t work anymore, as the brand is no longer in the position of power. Consumers have become savvy to the various marketing techniques, and have been let down by empty promises so many times that they are done with the brands that spend their ad budget on puffing themselves up, without having any real substance to back it all up. Behavioural loyalty vs Authentic loyalty Brands who market to their target audience with gimmicks will only receive a very fickle loyalty back in return. These brands are eliciting a ‘behavioural loyalty’, which is superficial and will last as long as the campaign that’s being run. Consumers will quickly see through any brands who are more concerned about what the consumer can do for their bottom line, than what they as a company can offer the public. The idea of ‘authentic loyalty’, on the other hand, is where a brand receives real and pure loyalty from consumers, as a result of enriching the consumer’s life. This type of loyalty is garnered through the brand providing the customer with a service or product that will actually prove useful in their life, not just prove to be a fad or a gimmick....

Mobile and Social Strategy for African Development

Over the past year or so I have been working with a number of companies looking to expand their business into Africa. This is probably one of the most exciting areas of business growth because of the uniques challenges and breadth of work involved. The return, without a doubt, is great for any business who can gain a strong foothold in the next few years. One of the biggest challenges I have seen has been the lack of infrastructure in Africa to support existing westernised business systems and processes. An example of this is if you would like to distribute in Africa, you will need to build the road to your customer in many cases. I have also noticed that the digital engagement in Africa, especially in mobile is growing stronger and stinger everyday. In February this year I spoke at a conference win Nigeria and received one of the best twitter responses I have ever received. More people followed , engaged in conversation, retweeted and promoted my presentation on twitter than any South African conference I had spoken at. This fascinates me and suggests that a keenness and desire to adopt mobile digital technologies could mean that Africans will be ready for digital distribution way before we think. So often a market takes time to mature into one ready to purchase online. It takes a consumer time to trust the reliability of a digital product and the company providing it. I believe that Africa will be ready far sooner...

Favourite iPad Apps for Social Media

I use my iPad for almost everything in my life and most people who meet me know all about it. This has caused a few of my clients, friends and family to ask me for my favourite apps on the iPad. I have always found this a difficult question to answer simply because what I use my iPad for is not necessarily what other would use their iPad for. Most people like games, and I don’t play any games on my iPad. So for the purpose of this exercise I thought I would share with you my top iPad apps that I use to consume and respond to the social media channels in my life. This list is not in order of preference. Social Media iPad Apps Facebook – all things Facebook related Twitter – all things twitter related Hootsuite – I mainly use this app to schedule updates to my social channels. It’s great for social media management Showyou – a great interface to all video/YouTube content shared by your social community WordPress – manages post updates and comments moderation for my WordPress blogs Analytics Pro – a great tool I use to dive deeply into google analytics Yammer – a fantastic internal social network tool that I use to keep my colleagues up to date on my work and actions as a colleague of theirs Skype – the iPad is the best Skype tool in my personal opinion. Especially with a pair of headphones with a built in...

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