Favourite iPad Apps for Social Media

I use my iPad for almost everything in my life and most people who meet me know all about it. This has caused a few of my clients, friends and family to ask me for my favourite apps on the iPad. I have always found this a difficult question to answer simply because what I use my iPad for is not necessarily what other would use their iPad for. Most people like games, and I don’t play any games on my iPad.

So for the purpose of this exercise I thought I would share with you my top iPad apps that I use to consume and respond to the social media channels in my life. This list is not in order of preference.

Social Media iPad Apps

Facebook – all things Facebook related
Twitter – all things twitter related
Hootsuite – I mainly use this app to schedule updates to my social channels. It’s great for social media management
Showyou – a great interface to all video/YouTube content shared by your social community
WordPress – manages post updates and comments moderation for my WordPress blogs
Analytics Pro – a great tool I use to dive deeply into google analytics
Yammer – a fantastic internal social network tool that I use to keep my colleagues up to date on my work and actions as a colleague of theirs
Skype – the iPad is the best Skype tool in my personal opinion. Especially with a pair of headphones with a built in mic.
Flipboard – a great interface that I link to my google reader account to keep in touch with all my reading content everyday. I like this because of its Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Read it later and email sharing tools. Just makes sharing content very easy.

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