Navigating the world of social media in business

There is a big difference between launching a social media campaign and reinventing your business to take hold of social media advantages.

Social media campaigns normally find their place inside the marketing budget and can be conceptualised, executed and measured relatively quickly. A social business reinvention take time to conceptualise, it needs to become a part of strategic direction and the overall business plan. In most cases these reinventions take considerable time and investment to navigate successfully.

When looking at a social reinvention I would suggest navigating your business in the following manner.

People connection

Start with how the reinvention will impact the people in your team. Think about what benefits your employees and customers will experience from the reinvention. Find the ‘value point’ that makes the need for reinvention apparent. Social reinvention is all about adapting business to meet and connect with people better. This takes places internally and externally in marketing, knowledge management, recruitment, and many more aspects of business.

Technology integration

Once the ‘value point’ to people has been established we can now take the brief to the technology. The reason we don’t start with the technology is because the technology should not dictate the strategic direction. Just because something is possible with technology does not mean that it is a strategic fit with your business goals.

At this point it is important to allow your technology experts freedom to explore the possibilities. They may be able to find ways to enhance you idea. Just be sure to always ensure that you ‘value points’ are not compromised and suffocated in a sea of technical gadgets.

Enable your people

Once the technology has been built to deliver the ‘value points’ to the customer or employee you need to be focus on your communication strategy in rolling the new project out. They way you educate, communicate and guide your customer or employee is imperative to see the successful integration of your project into their lives. It’s true, the value is there but they need to see it, understand it and how it will fit into their life.

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