Thoughts on the Supersport iPhone App

Supersport released an iPhone app and I was asked to spend a bit of time on it in order to let you know what I think. Well here are my thoughts. Great User Experience The app probably has the most beautiful interface I have seen in a while. It uses the space of the iPhone screen very well and gives as much as possible to the content. The menu is a small button to the top left of the screen. This menu then allows you to move through the content of the app by overlaying the menu on the content. Very slick. The image on the right explains it a bit better. The only problem is that it is not very clear that this little button opens up a whole new world of fixtures, logs, news and all the fine details of your favourite sport. A friend I met the other day was raving to me about the app and did not even know about the extended menu’ button. Great Content The content is fantastic. The makers of this app understand their audience well and have provided very detailed info on all the relevant sports. This includes Live Results that stream the scores of games that are currently being played. I cannot fault the design of this content in any way. No Social Media Links? Here is the biggest opportunity missed. In fact I find it hard to believe that someone can create an app with out the ability to...

List of Twitter Clients

A twitter client is a programme that can be used to access your twitter account without actually going to the website. Twitter clients are becoming increasingly useful as they allow you to customise what you see in twitter and most have now extended their service to facebook as well. Making it easier to manage your online social profiles. To make life easier I have listed a few twitter clients that I recommend with a brief list of highlights: Tweet Deck Mobile app suport Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace integration Works on windows and mac Hootsuite Windows and mac compatible iPhone app Schedule tweets Facebook, Linkedin and integration Click through statistics Thwirl Works on windows and mac Video recording capability support Seesmic Works on windows and mac Blackberry and Andriod apps Facebook integration At the end of the day its your choice! Enjoy

Top 10 Social Media iPhone Applications

Social media can suck up all your time and energy if you are not careful. That’s why it is important to find ways to slot your social media marketing into your life rather than the other way around. Phone applications have become a very successful way to manage your social networks and the iPhone has a host of tools that can be used to your social media marketing. So, as promised in Friday’s ‘Top iPhone Apps‘ article, here are my Top 10 Social Media iPhone Applications. Read it later Read it later is an important social media tool because it helps in posting relevant information to your social networks in the form of links to interesting articles. People enjoy following people who are not purely self-serving and who off additional information in their social profiles, not just blog updates. This app allows you to tag articles relevant to your choosen niche market and then, after reading them, provides easy access to posting them to your social profiles. My twitter profile @mikesaunders would not be updated as often if it weren’t for this tool. Linkedin As far as I am aware this is the only iPhone application that allows you to manage your linkedin profile. Therefore it is an important part of your socila media toolset. The Linkedin application has recently been updated and Mashable once again has a great overview of the application: If you’ve used the previous version of LinkedIn for iPhone, you’ll immediately notice the difference. The new...

Top iPhone Apps for South Africans in 2009

A few months ago I wrote a post on my top ten iphone applications for 2009 which may have been a bit soon to place judgement on future applications coming out in 2009. Now that we have reached the end of this last year I feel a little more equipped to provide a more substantial list of useful apps in the iPhone. So here’s my list for 2009: Read It Later Still one of my favourite applications. Such a simple concept of being able to tag web-pages to ‘read them later.’ A new update has just been released which see’s the app take on a new look and feel. The app also seems to run faster and smoother than before. WordPress The wordpress app was rendered useless once I move over to a self-hosted wordpress platform. This was because the self hosted API did not allow for the remote access that the app needed to mange the blogs from the iPhone. A recent update to wordpress now allows remote access and now this app is back in my good books. I am able to manage and reply to comments, fix spelling errors and even write an entire blog post should I wish (although my html skills are not that great so hyperlinking and rich-text editing becomes a problem.) Hootsuite Hootsuite as a web-based application has grown leaps and bounds in 2009. Starting off as a way to update Twitter and schedule tweets the software has now extended to faceook, linkedin,...

Celebrating the 500th Tweet

This article will become my 500th tweet on my primary twitter profile @mikeasaunders. A rather momentous occasion as I have found it to be a pivotal area of my Social Media marketing. Twitter has been very slow to take off in South Africa which begs the question ‘what value is there in twitter for South African social media campaigns?’ I believe that would depend entirely on what you goals are for your campaign. Who is your target market and what technologies are they comfortable using. South African twitter users are primarily tech savvy individuals. There would be very little benefit promoting soap through a twitter channel however a software product may achieve a greater level of success. In my analysis of this marketing medium I have noticed a few fundamental ingredients to setting up a twitter profile that achieves it goals. The fundamentals have been evident in almost every twitter profile I have seen succeed. Using these fundamentals to your advantage could see your following grow and goals realised. Focus Focus Focus This first is the simplest concept in marketing and yet the one that people struggle the most with. Focus! Your product or service offers something unique to someone and that USP is what carves its place into the hearts of your consumers. Give you Twitter profile the same USP and let it elbow its way into the minds of people and become valuable to them. Good marketers know that you must promote the features of a product that...

My Top Ten iPhone Applications for 2009

The iPhone has taken the world by storm and with the App Store functionality the iPhone customisability is growing rapidly. Apps are a dime a dozen and most of them are fairly pointless and possibly even useless. There are however a few useful and even life altering applications for the iPhone. These are the applications we should all be making a fuss about. So with this in mind here is my list of ‘Top iPhone Apps’ for 2009 on Version2. 1 ) Things “Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager.” I run all my tasks from here including complex projects at work. ” Other task managers either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Either way you are not getting stuff done. Things instead has the right balance between ease of use and powerful features. You can even sync wirelessly with the desktop version of Things using Wi-Fi.” Read more… 2 ) Bloomberg I use Bloomberg to keep up to date on my stock prices and charts as well as to research new stock options. The app design has used the iPhone strengths well by creating automatic chart views whenever you turn the phone sideways on a stock detail. 3 ) Bible This application feeds from the website It feeds bible text directly from the website in a variety of bible versions including the NIV. Bible also allows for limited offline bible versions to be downloaded to your phone. Youversion has a unique concept of allowing...

Protect yourself from unwanted apps in iPhone App Store

In the new software update iPhone 3.0. Apple have bought in the option to create censorships over which applications can be downloaded. Even though it seems that Apple's reason for this is so that it can allow adult apps into the App Store, I would still encourage you to make use of this 'restrictions' function. Especially if your children own an iPhone! Click here to find out how to enable this on the iPhone.

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