|    |  Why Tech Fails

KODAK, Blackberry, Google, and UBER are all great companies who all made mistakes as some point in the technology business. Each of them had access to the best technology, the latest innovations and the smartest people. How is it possible that these titans produced some of the biggest technology failures of all time? These stories are only the tip of the iceberg, a quick Google Search on “Tech Failures” will reveal 273 000 000 results linking to stories of technology failure.

In my own experience, I have built and implemented many technology solutions for my own business, and some were an incredible success and others were failures.

If technology presents an opportunity to accelerate and improve our future why is it that there are so many stories of failed tech companies, apps and software?

This question has plagued my mind for the past few years. I have spent a considerable amount of energy in an attempt to understand this issue and have come to a very simple outcome.

This presentation unpacks the case studies and examples of tech failure while looking for the common thread that we can learn from.

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