Three Ways to Boost Your Website’s Performance

As an entrepreneur you’re more than aware that you’ve got a lot to get right, a lot riding on the performance of your website and your marketing activities. You may have plenty of skills in one or two key areas but less in others and right now you need to know why your website isn’t performing as well as you expect it to.

What is it about the site that’s failing to convert your visits into sales? Why are some pages underperforming? You have questions and we have three reasons why your website isn’t at the top of its game. In this blog we look at what could be going wrong and how you can fix it.

Your Content Misses the Mark

Whether you sell physical goods such as D or bow type shackles or a service like copywriting, you need your content to sell you. When you’re looking for a particular item on a website, you don’t want to wade through mountains of fluff, you’re looking at what you can buy and how much you can buy it for.

Could it be that your content is simply not fit for purpose? Maybe there’s too much waffle and not enough specific information. If you’ve written the content yourself it might be worth asking a content specialist to look over your site and give you some advice or a rewrite in order to make sure your content is ticking all the right boxes.

Your Customer Gets Lost

Or to put it another way, they land on your site and are then unclear on the process they have to follow, whether consciously or subconsciously your customer needs to be shown the funnel through your website that leads to a call to action and ultimately a sale.

This needs to be true whether they land on your home page or any other page. Show them the way to your great products or services.

Your Marketing Activities Are Off

While you’re getting traffic to your site, if you were to delve into the customer analytics you would see that it was the wrong traffic. Your marketing is off and is bringing the wrong customer to your site.

It’s back to the drawing board with your marketing activities. You’re looking at finding who your ideal customer is through careful research. Create an avatar, figure out where they hang out on social media and go there to find those customers. Match your content to the needs of your specific, ideal customer and you will soon see more action on your site.

When your website is underperforming, don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best. You need to get to the bottom of the issue and quickly. Your business deserves a site that works hard for you and for your customers. Whether that means a content shake up, making it clearer how to get a sale or starting again with your marketing actions, make it happen and give your site the chance it needs.


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