Developing a Unique Brand Identity

A brand identity embodies your company and everything you stand for, and it’s also an effective way of differentiating your business from its competitors. Instantly recognizable and associated with a positive consumer experience, a unique brand identity can be the key to success.

Many people assume a company’s brand identity starts and finishes with its logo, but there’s far more to creating a powerful brand identity than designing an effective logo. Whilst a logo can certainly be an influential element, your brand identity should encompass what your brand wants to convey, what your values are, how you communicate with your audience and how you want customers to feel when they interact with you.

Building Trust

A well-established brand identity evokes reliability and trust in the minds of consumers, and this can have a considerable impact on your turnover. Whatever type of product or service people are purchasing, they want to know they can trust the company they’re dealing with.

Keep this in mind when you’re creating your brand identity, as it’s vital for your company to be seen as secure and trustworthy. Although your products and/or services will determine how this can be conveyed most effectively, any company can build trust with an effective brand identity.

Use Your Brand Identity Everywhere

Your brand identity should effectively be a template for everything your company does. By using your brand identity as a starting point for online marketing, ad campaigns, product design, and web design, you’ll ensure that you don’t miss a chance to promote your brand and deliver its unique message.

Don’t forget – your products and packaging are one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to brand identity. In order to compete with other companies, consider using bespoke packaging to deliver your brand message. When your product is on a shelf surrounded by competing goods, a strong, visible brand identity can persuade consumers to choose you over another brand.

Publish Content To Reinforce Your Brand Identity

As well as using logos, specific typographics, graphics, colours, taglines, and bespoke packaging to reflect your business brand, make sure your content is representing your corporate personality too. Many brands are required to feature specific information on their products, but this doesn’t mean you can’t inject your brand identity into it.

In addition to this, publishing content online is a great way to share your brand with users. The variety of channels available ensure you can share content across a variety of mediums, so you can be as innovative as you like. Blog posts, social media platforms, and YouTube channels all offer effective ways of engaging with consumers and reinforcing your brand message and identity. Making use of these channels makes it easy to publish informative, topical and/or humorous content, so you can use your company’s unique voice to connect with your target audience.

Right now, millions of businesses are trying to establish their brand and gain recognition amongst consumers. Taking a tactical approach to brand identity, and using it to reflect and develop your business, can increase your success and enable you to launch a unique brand identity which is recognizable within your target market and beyond.

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