Twitter stole my tweets!

So I made a very upsetting discovery the other day that Twitter has stolen 2285 tweets from my tweet count.

On the 6 Novemeber I had 2300 tweets…

Mike Saunders Twitter Account on the 6th November 2010

My profile on the 6th November 2010

and the on the 10 November I had 15 tweets!!!

Mike Saunders Twitter Profile on the 10th November 2010

My profile on the 10th November 2010

What is your tweet count?

You tweet count is the total number of tweets you have ever made on twitter.

Why does yout tweet count matter?

Your tweet count gives people an indication of how active you are on twitter and whether you will be worth following on Twitter.

So now that twitter have stolen my tweets it looks like I have only contributed 15 tweets to the twitterverse in the last 2 years. I wouldn’t be too interested in following someone with such a low level of contribution to this information network.

Luckily for me my follower list is pretty high (Thanks for the support guys!!) and that becomes a recommendation of my value to the people on twitter so hopefully people will overlook my incorrect tweet count and decide to follow me because of the others that have chosen to follow me.

I just hope twitter does not steal my followers next. I wonder if you can insure your tweets and followers?

Turns out I am not the only one this has happened to so if you have had an experience like this comment about it here and maybe twitter will wake up and find a way to give us our tweets back.

UPDATE 24th November 2010: Twitter restored my tweets a few days later. Very relieved – Thanks Twitter!!

7 thoughts on “Twitter stole my tweets!

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  2. @Candice_SAfrica

    This has not happened to me [yet] but I would be very upset if Twitter made me look content – deficient too! Sorry Mike, you just going to have to tweet like crazy now 🙂

  3. vickyCoats

    Your Twitter is like my car insurance with santam- they take all which you offer and then dump you when you ask for anything back.

  4. @veravravera

    hey, last week twitter stole my tweets and they don’t give it back for me until this day. they stole 4000 from my tweets. and now I just have 200 tweets. what should I do? really disappointed because twitter stole my tweets!


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