Social Media Strategies Beyond Content Plans

Content plans are the bedrock of social media strategies for many organisations. They have become the planning and execution portion of social media and, in many ways, are the aspect of social media that takes up the majority of the time for social media professionals. Content plans have driven the desire to see our content distributed through advertising channels, influencers, competition channels and just about any other medium we can find. An over prioritisation of content plans has led marketing professionals to believe that the value of a social media strategy is all about impressions, comments and likes. Single essence of online presence Content plans definitely have their place in the eco-system of a social media strategy, however, for many it’s become the single essence of their online presence and this is concerning. I recently had the opportunity to speak at The Sunday Times Next Generation Conference about this exact issue. I want to share a few ways that we can break beyond the content plan in our social media strategy and start making the most of this incredible technology that our customers use every single day. To form the foundation of these ideas I need to state these primary insights about people and social media: Social media is a crowded environment. People use brands to build their own brand. The post-truth era has degraded trust in information. More than ever, a consumer’s perception becomes their truth. The power of social media is not in likes and comments. The power in social...

Social Media Strategies: Improve The Trust Equation

Social Media is the first Internet-based platform that has facilitated a people-to-people connection. It provided a structure to build a personal presence online that could be used to build personal relationships, broadcast to our entire network and, importantly, it helped us build that network. Over time social media and the Internet has begun to replicate many of the human interactions that we do offline. All of these advances in social media have made it easier to build relationships online. Brands are able to go beyond content distribution and towards relationship building. In building a brand persona on social platforms we are able to leverage these platforms and their technology to build relationship with our customers. At the very least, we can build the impression of a good relationship by leveraging social media. At the heart of building relationship lies the currency of relationships – trust. Relationships are built on trust and destroyed when trust is broken. So, our role as a brand on social media is to build trust with our audience, which in turn leads to relationship building, brand love and advocacy. There is a simple formula for trust, developed by Charles H. Green, which I have tested and applied to a number of consumer brand and B2B environments. Each time it helps highlight the gaps in a social media strategy and what we need to focus on to build more trust. Credibility has to do with the words we speak. In a sentence, we might say, “I can...

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