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A friend once told me ‘I enjoy traveling but hate being away from home’ I finally understand, if home is where the heart is then there should be a longing to get home. My job requires me to travel to some pretty awesome places all over the world. I love these trips, I get to meet new people, new businesses, see new culture and take new photos. These trips are often highlights of my professional career and come with much learning and valuable exposure. These days I have found something more valuable than travel, success, new experiences and new learnings. Life is not made enjoyable by finding joy in your work. Life is made better by those you share it with. These people will hold your heart and they will make your house a home. The warmth and energy in your home will be driven by their heartbeat. So my tips for a full life: 1) Focus on people more than progress 2) Love people more than you love work 3) Steal time from work instead of from your family 4) Reserve some energy for the weekend, you’ll enjoy spending it there much more than at work. Article originally posted on my Medium Profile

What does it take to succeed in a Digital World?

One of the biggest game changers in business (and life) this century has been the introduction of the internet. The internet created a world of connection, a world where its easier to connect and faster to connect. We’re connected to information and people which has lead to business moving quicker, consumers changing faster, messages spreading easier and business launching in less time than ever before. Today is the age where a new innovative competitor can rise within a year by tapping into the power of these connections, changing the way you do business tomorrow. We have seen this with Amazon, Zappo’s, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, eBay and many other digital businesses. The connection economy, succeeded the information era about eight years ago with the invent of social media. Social media showed us it was possible to create and manage relationships online. In fact, it not only showed us we can but it helped us realise that this is something people have wanted for so long. A better way to connect. So its fair to say that any business that has utilised social media to connect with customers has done well recently, but many have been burnt by the social media world. Many business have declined using social media to connect with customers and have focused on providing strong mobile channels to deliver services and improve customer satisfaction. Almost every business will see benefits from digital connections between themselves and their customers and/or employees, but not every business needs to engage with...

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