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A twitter client is a programme that can be used to access your twitter account without actually going to the website. Twitter clients are becoming increasingly useful as they allow you to customise what you see in twitter and most have now extended their service to facebook as well. Making it easier to manage your online social profiles. To make life easier I have listed a few twitter clients that I recommend with a brief list of highlights: Tweet Deck Mobile app suport Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace integration Works on windows and mac Hootsuite Windows and mac compatible iPhone app Schedule tweets Facebook, Linkedin and integration Click through statistics Thwirl Works on windows and mac Video recording capability support Seesmic Works on windows and mac Blackberry and Andriod apps Facebook integration At the end of the day its your choice! Enjoy

Social Networking Experiment

Anyone who has started the process of marketing themselves online would have heard someone use the phrase ‘social networking.’ Social networking has become such a large part of internet marketing because the general trend of internet users has been to move from a research focus to a social media management focus online. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, Youtube and many other social network platforms are available, but which one should we focus on. Lets be serious, most business owners don’t have the time to network across more than one social platform. The benefit of networking across multiple platforms is that each platform has its own group of loyal fans. These fans may also have other profiles on other networks but they prefer to operate in one specific network. They know and understand this network and more importantly they have fun in their chosen network. A person is more open and approachable in an environment they enjoy than in one they don’t enjoy. Spreading your social networks will help you find people in an environment they choose and in that place you will have the opportunity to network efficiently and effectively. The Good News I have done an experiment and the end result has been very beneficial. Saving me time and increasing my back-linking to my websites and more importantly driving traffic to my websites. The concept is simple: find a way to update multiple social network platforms from one place. Here is how it works: 1) Visit is...

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