Personal Branding: The Value of a Platform

Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage” and his words ring more true today than ever. If you have something to say or something to sell, whether you are speaking to one person or many people, essentially, you’re on a stage. (Hyatt. M, 2012) The Internet has created a stage like no other before it. People can find groups of people to speak to easier and faster. They can research information and form opinions more efficiently. Ultimately the Internet gives people an opportunity to scale their platform easily, giving people the opportunity to influence more and sell more. Needless to say that as more people have taken advantage of this platform the more cluttered the Internet has become. Leading to people struggling to be seen amongst a sea of content created and shared by millions of people around the world. Social networks sued to be a great place to share your messages and while they are still effective, they lack the credibility that a personal brand needs to establish itself. People who take personal branding seriously are looking to build their own platform, instead of simply using other platforms to share their message. Building you own platform can be as simple as a blog or as elaborate as developing a website and a host of services that develop content. Whether you prefer a simple or elaborate approach it’s increasingly important to understand that there is more credibility in developing your own platform, than leveraging someone else’s platform. In our course...

The Power of Personal Brand

Your personal brand is one of the most valuable assets you can control. Your brand helps your build a career, sell better, start a business or even start a movement. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, your personal brand can help you achieve it. In today’s hyper connected digital era we see big potential in helping your personal brand reach new heights. The Internet has become a powerful platform to build a brand on quicker and stronger than we could before. Great brands and celebrities have used the internet to launch their careers and build their influence and many people are seeing the value in building a personal brand online. Personal brands help establish credibility, increase your online influence, secure work and grow your career, generate sales, attract potential partnership conversations, attract employment opportunities and expand your professional network. The boost in image will open opportunities and conversations that would ordinarily be unavailable. While there are practical aspects to your personal brands there are also some more intangible gains in building a personal brand. Building a personal brand will help set you on a path for personal development, it challenges you to improve, to collate your thoughts and to have a clear vision of success. A personal brand will help you find focus and drive your ability to take steps to achieve your goals. If you’ve already started pushing your personal brand but don’t know how you’re doing, a digital marketing agency can help you with a brand audit to measure...

Does your name affect your chance of success [infographic]

I found an interesting infographic on the names of CEO’s on Linkedin. It seems that if your name is Peter or Deborah you are destined for success. Whereas top sales people and CEO’s all have names that are shorter than four letters (something to think about on your next sales hire). It should have been obvious but successful restaurant owners have much longer and creative foreign names. If this seems a little tongue and cheek- it is. I don’t actually believe that a name determines your success. I believe that hard work, wisdom, insight, leadership and guts make you successful. Maybe the Jacks of this world just take a few more calculated risks – if so, lets learn the lesson from him and start getting a few more Mike’s, Jenny’s, and Johan’s into the CEO leader-board. I thought the infographic was fun so here it is: Want to know more about Linkedin? I have prepared a Linkedin Workshop that looks at how to use network to build you business profile on Linkedin. The workshop also looks into how to use the network strategically to increase your networks and your personal brand. Read more about Woza Linkedin.

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