Stats about LinkedIn in Africa [infographic]

After the demand for our LinkedIn in South Africa infographics we decided to extend our research into Africa. Nearly 6 million people are using LinkedIn in Africa. Proving that LinkedIn is becoming a great resource to connect with people in Africa. As international investment into Africa grows we are seeing great potential to connect with Africa’s brightest minds through this professional social network. If you are not on LinkedIn yet or would like to improve your professional profile we have created a free guide to help you get the most out of your business on LinkedIn. Below you will find an infographic we did that visually describes the state of LinkedIn usership in Africa Created by DigitLab the digital marketing agency Download the FREE LinkedIn Guide for Business  

LinkedIn in South Africa 2012 [infographic]

Over the last few years the DigitLab team and I have been tracking the growth of LinkedIn in South Africa.In 2011 we saw an 83% growth (600 000 professionals) from this year and in 2012 a 45% increase (500 000 professionals )with a total of 1,6 million people. Its also interesting to note that the top growth sector are Manufacturing, Agriculture and Medical with growth rates of between 57% and 70%. These stats have shown that LinkedIn in South Africa has become the place to be in order to network with other business professionals. So if you need help getting your online profile organised on LinkedIn take a look at our free Definitive Guide to LinkedIn.   Created by DigitLab the digital marketing agency Download the FREE LinkedIn Guide for Business  

Who uses Linkedin in South Africa [infographic]

I am very proud to present the latest infographic researched, concepted and designed by the team at DigitLab, the social media agency that I lead. Who’s Who on Linkedin in South Africa Linkedin in South Africa has seen a 83% increase in usership over the last 12 months with agriculture and goverment showing the biggest industry growth. The exciting news is the growth in business decision makers on Linkedin. The age category betwee 35 and 54 years has grown more than double and CEO presence on Linkedin grew 78%. We hope you enjoy the infographic Infographic created by DigitLab the social media agency [hr] Copy the embed code to paste into your blog: <img src=”” alt=”Linkedin in South Africa” width=”540″ height=”1026″ align=”center” /> Infographic created by DigitLab the <a href=””>social media agency</a> [hr] [tweetmeme link=”” source=”@mikeasaunders”] [digg title=”Linkedin in South Africa – infographic” link=”” float=”left”]

Whats the point of Linkedin?

In its first minutes as a public company, LinkedIn was valued at roughly $8.5 billion. This made Linkedin the largest internet I.P.O since Google. Linkedin is a social network that focuses on harnessing the power of social technology to improve professional business networking. The website had about 600 000 South African subscribers in 2010 and that figure has almost double in the last year to just over 1.1 million professional business people. The biggest industries represented on the network are from the finance and high tech arenas. So why all the fuss over a website? I mean, isn’t this just another Facebook where people go to procrastinate doing any “real” work? If it’s I.P.O wasn’t enough to prove to you its value in business lets take a look at a few elements of business that Linkedin is taking on and how this innovative internet business is changing the way we do business. A new way of building business networks You are only six degrees away from every person on the planet. Which means that you are possibly less than three degrees away from the people you need to achieve business success. Social media allows your network to find you in a faster and more direct fashion. Communicating your message on social media platforms enables your peers to easily share your message with their peers. It is this ’sharing’ that often brings interested parties to the table. Especially when this networking takes place within a business network like Linkedin. This is...

Does your name affect your chance of success [infographic]

I found an interesting infographic on the names of CEO’s on Linkedin. It seems that if your name is Peter or Deborah you are destined for success. Whereas top sales people and CEO’s all have names that are shorter than four letters (something to think about on your next sales hire). It should have been obvious but successful restaurant owners have much longer and creative foreign names. If this seems a little tongue and cheek- it is. I don’t actually believe that a name determines your success. I believe that hard work, wisdom, insight, leadership and guts make you successful. Maybe the Jacks of this world just take a few more calculated risks – if so, lets learn the lesson from him and start getting a few more Mike’s, Jenny’s, and Johan’s into the CEO leader-board. I thought the infographic was fun so here it is: Want to know more about Linkedin? I have prepared a Linkedin Workshop that looks at how to use network to build you business profile on Linkedin. The workshop also looks into how to use the network strategically to increase your networks and your personal brand. Read more about Woza Linkedin.

Recruitment Shifts from Social Media

The recruitment industry in South Africa looks like it is on the rise for the first time in two and a half years. Human Resources South Africa reported “employment grew by 5.6% during March.”As business slowly starts to find its feet again after a rough few years in the global economy recruiters are looking for good people to take their companies forward. “The aim and challenges of recruitment in South Africa is to put the right person, at the right place, at the right time in the organisation. By doing this the company should hopefully improve their organisational performance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company ” (Human Resources South Africa) What are the trends being used that are shifting the way the recruitment industry works? There are two obvious and high impact trends that have risen out of social media and online technology that are worth looking at: Move Towards Headhunting Wall Street Journal makes an interesting observation that social media has made headhunting easier and cheaper. Networking websites like Linkedin have opened the door to finding people based on expertise, experience and CV. We are able to see immediate recommendations of people we are thinking about hiring and can make more comprehensive decisions about people before starting the interview process. On a global scale we see business looking to decrease their job board subscriptions and move towards using social technology like Facebook and Linkedin to find great employees. The general consensus being that jobs boards create too many...

SA Linkedin usage report

Linkedin is a great network to take part in. It aids business relationship building, employee recruitment, and idea sharing. I have found that being a part of this network has opened up opportunities to profile myself in a professional manner online and start networking with like minded people in my field of work. I have since done some research on the usership of Linkedin by South Africans and found 600 000 South Africans were registered, 94 000 users are in management positions with 50 000 company directors and presidents. The site also has over 75 000 business owners registered along with 26 000 consultants. So to make things easier I have put a few of the statistics into a presentation (below) and a PDF Download. Please bear in mind that the pdf download is the most detailed. In the presentation there is mention of our latest presentation called WOZA Linkedin which is designed to explain how Linkedin works and how to use it yourself. The presentation can be done in one-on-one session’s and in team training environments.

Coaching the Leadership Coach

Probably the most daunting experience I have ever had was to coach Keith Coats in Social Media. Keith is a well respected and seasoned leadership coach. So I was nervous that I would not hold up under the pressure. Well Keith turned out to be great to coach, he was very interested in learning and spent alot of time doing additional exercises between sessions to ensure that he really got the hang of Social Media. Here’s what Keith had to say: It wasn’t long into a meeting with Mike (one he had initiated and in which he approached me to do some mentoring with him) that I realized I had more to learn from him than the other way round! What followed has been an amazing journey as Mike has coached, mentored and supported me in exploring the world of social media technologies and most importantly, how to strategically connect the dots in this world. Mike’s skills sit not merely in his undoubted expertise in this area but also in his incredible ability to make sense of it for someone for whom it…well, doesn’t make sense. I have no hesitation in endorsing Mike as a Coach in this area…and have done so repeatedly. I wish more of the leaders with whom I engage would avail themselves of Mike’s expertise. Then again, I suspect many who work with and for these leaders, wish the same! Taking things further Keith is still in coaching as we have dived into further Social Media...

One-on-one Social Media Coaching

“Ever stood facing the cold pool water when all that stood before you and the shock of the cold water was the commitment to jump? Of course you have. And your hesitancy was most likely being subjected to the taunting of kids already in the pool. Then you jump and there is a split second of mid-air realization that there is no going back before you are immersed in the ice-cold water. I have just jumped. I have just had my first coaching session in Social Media.” – Keith Coats, Leadership Expert“ Like Keith many people have recognised that they need to learn and understand this new realm of social media. You can attend all the courses you like on this topic but nothing will entrench the topic in your mind like one-on-one coaching will. These one-on-one meetings are a an opportunity to have your questions answered while following a predetermined curriculum to ensure that you gain a complete understanding of social media. So if you would like to know more about facebook, linkedin, twitter, MXit, blogging, websites, mobile media, internet advertising, online marketing and promoting yourself online please contact me for more information. You can see a few articles about some people who have gone through this type on one-on-one coaching here

List of Twitter Clients

A twitter client is a programme that can be used to access your twitter account without actually going to the website. Twitter clients are becoming increasingly useful as they allow you to customise what you see in twitter and most have now extended their service to facebook as well. Making it easier to manage your online social profiles. To make life easier I have listed a few twitter clients that I recommend with a brief list of highlights: Tweet Deck Mobile app suport Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace integration Works on windows and mac Hootsuite Windows and mac compatible iPhone app Schedule tweets Facebook, Linkedin and integration Click through statistics Thwirl Works on windows and mac Video recording capability support Seesmic Works on windows and mac Blackberry and Andriod apps Facebook integration At the end of the day its your choice! Enjoy

Three reasons why social media does not work for you

So you jumped into social media and have found it to be a waste of time and of very little value to you. I want to suggest that maybe the problem is not social media but rather how you are using it. Here are three possible reasons why social media does not work for you: You are not worth following. The content your are producing is poor following and therefore you have been found wanting. This could be because you focused on self-promotion rather than interaction with the consumer or it may be because your content was not well thought out. You are not focused You posts may be interesting but you lack focus. Focus is what will create loyal followers. You need to give your users something to hold onto. In my own personal experience I gained five times more twitter followers once I found a focus and a plan for my twitter marketing strategy. You are not social Social Media demands your attention, or at least the attention of an employee in your company. This is not a one way street where you can shout down the social media channel with your meagphone and expect the masses to come running. Social media is an opportunity to build trust with your public, to make your brand more approachable and likable. This can only happen with a social media management strategy that actively pursues a two-way communication strategy.

Book Review: The Social Media Marketing Book

A must read for anyone wanting to know more about social media About Dan Zarella Dan has writ­ten exten­sively about the sci­ence of viral mar­ket­ing, memet­ics and social com­mu­ni­ca­tions on his own blog and for a vari­ety of pop­u­lar indus­try blogs, includ­ing Mash­able, Copy­Blog­ger, Read­WriteWeb, Pla­gia­rism Today, ProBlog­ger, Social Desire, Cen­ter­Net­works, Now­sourc­ing, and SEOScoop. He has been fea­tured in The Twit­ter Book, Fast Com­pany, The Finan­cial Times, AdAge, NYPost, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Wired, The Wall Street Jour­nal, Mash­able and TechCrunch. He was recently awarded Shorty and Semmy awards for social media & viral marketing. He has spo­ken at Pub­Con, Search Engine Strate­gies, Iowatas­mic, Con­ver­gence ’09, 140 The Twit­ter Con­fer­ence, The Cool Twit­ter Con­fer­ence, Word­Camp Mid Atlantic, Social Media Camp, Inbound Mar­ket­ing Boot­camp, and The Texas Domains and Devel­op­ers Con­fer­ence, and he cur­rently works as mar­ket­ing prod­uct owner at Hub­Spot. Why I reccommend this book I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in social media marketing. This is why: It does not take long to read It defines social media perfectly and covers each of the top social networks (incl. Digg, Delicious, YouTube, Slideshare,Twitter and Facebook) Dan even tells us how we should approach each social medium to get the most from them I found the book to be very insightful and comprehensive. It would be particularly useful to someone who is getting into social media to profile themselves or their business. Buy The Social Media Marketing Book from “The book will teach readers which platforms are the...

Unisite Business Suite – Creating the Product Mix

The Unisite Business Suite is a product that started development in around 2006 by Sesalos PTY LTD. The concept was to develop web based modules that could run different web applications. As the development project grew it became increasingly evident that a structure was neccessary to describe what the Unisite was. In ‘one on one’ meetings it was possible to describe to people how the product worked but it was very difficult to explain in a short space of time the benefits and the concepts that had been developed. Sesalos was about to employ a sales team to actively sell the product but there was no product structure to even talk about. As the newly appointed Marketing Manager at Sesalos I saw the need to structure the ‘module system’ into a more manageable and explanatory portfolio. The Birth of the Business Suite I went about categorising the modules into useful configurations that would bring benefits to businesses. This lead me towards the idea of creating multiple suites under the main Business Suite. Each suite would have a very specific stand alone function but could be simply integrated with additional suites to provide the client with exponential benefits. The Unisite Business Suite Product Mix Sesalos finally launched the Unisite Business Suite in 2008 with six sub-suites: Websuite – Providing website content manangement systems Communications Suite – Providing SMS, Email and Fax systems Advertising Suite – Providing all the neccessary tools to sell advertising on a website Invoice Suite – Basic Invoicing...

A Small Website is Sometimes the Best Website

I have just finished working a a great project. A very small four page website with a very simple but effective objective. Too often I see a small company, and even some larger companies, try to do too much on the web. Yes, I agree that the internet is a great tool for business and for generating business but I have to remind people that the website is only one part of the entire business geration exercise for a company. Sinking tens of thosands of rands into a webiste does not necessarily mean that your webiste will be ore successfull. A successful website is one that has a very clear objective.

Submitting to Search Engines Could be a Waste of Time

There is no dispute here that submitting your website is of utmost importance. Most of the search engines on the internet need you to submit your website to them before they even know you exist online. The key to ensure this exercise is not a waste of time is to make sure that you are not doubling up on the work. I did a very extensive exercise in identifying search engines. I found that there

Digital Publicity

There is a fundamental principal that must be realised in any marketing campaign. If you are not telling people you exist… you do not exist!! The internet is the same, if you do not submit yourself to search engines and website directories then your chances of being found will be drastically lower than those who do. So it is key to submit your website to these directories.

Virtuoso Internet Marketing – Product Development

The internet has always been a place where two very different mindsets exists. These mindsets have been at war with each other since the beginning of website development and this has purely been because they do not understand each other. Difference in opinion Marketing/Advertising and Web Development are seemingly two opposing internet thought patterns. Marketing/Advertising is always concerned with the look and feel of a website. They are very concerned about the end user and how the website builds the brand of the company it represents. Web Developers have the tough job of making all of this happen online. They are continually looking to create bigger and better websites with more and more functionality. This functionality allows more to happen on the internet but is not neccessarily easy-to-use or even understood by the end user.

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