Lessons from a 30min conversation with Wikipedia Founder

Last night I arrived in Lagos to present a session on social media strategy. I was met at the airport by the a very professional and very friendly man who guided me into that parking lot outside. The parking lot reminded me a lot of the back alley of a night club, and there by an unmarked white van with tinted windows we stopped. I realized this van was my transport to the hotel and a kind gentleman opened the door. To my dismay, sitting in the van, catching up on email, sat Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Who would have thought I would have the incredible opportunity to meet Jimmy sitting in a parking lot in Lagos. Anyway, I seized the opportunity the chat to Jimmy about his experiences with Wikipedia and was able to draw out a few gems for those who read this blog. Behind every success is a failure where alot of learning took place I experienced this in my own life and it was nice to hear Jimmy talk about the same experience. Jimmy started a project similar to Wikipedia before starting the popular encyclopedia. It was there that he learnt how to succeed with the project by learning from the mistakes he made. My advice to anyone looking to start something big would be to keep going no matter how much you learn (fail). It can only get better from here. It’s all about community Jimmy chatted about the idea that Wikipedia succeeded...

3 lessons from the Global Leadership Summit

As a businessman I have become acutely aware that my ability to lead is directly related to the growth and success of any business I run. This has lead me to read as much as possible on leadership, follow top leadership professionals and attend conferences where I can learn more about successful leadership. The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is one of those conferences that I have been attending for the past three years. The conference is primarily a Christian Leadership conference but has been very good at finding speakers outside the Christian circles. Seth Godin, Jack Welsch and a host of other leadership and business “greats” have all spoken at the GLS. The Christian aspect of the conference is also refreshing as I have always held a personal belief that the Bible is the best source of wisdom in how we should live, lead and treat each other in this world. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you three key learnings that I got out of the conference. I hope these pearls of wisdom help you in your leadership journey. Bill Hybels: What is your current challenge level Dangerously over challenged: too much going on Appropriate: there is a sense of finality and completion Under challenged Bill suggests, as do many others, that our best work is done when we are challenged just over our “over challenged” mark. In other words we are slightly out of our depth which excites us and challenges us to...

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