Social Networks and Brand Value

This blog post is a reply to a comment made on Measuring marketing effectiveness of Facebook. The is always a big debate between internet marketers about the value of social media management verses advertising on Google. In my opinion a successful internet marketing campaign will incorporate a balance of both advertising and brand building. 1) Google is still your primary advertising vehicle Google is still the information source of the internet for most people. This means that advertising on Google will open up avenues for great return in sales and leads for your business. I will alway recommend a client to advertise on Google if they are looking to generate strong business leads or product sales. Google is a better place to have your advertising. However a good marketing campaign is not just about advertising, it also need to incorporate brand building. 2) Social Media Marketing is very different to Google advertising Social Media Marketing is not simply about advertising to your target market. Although Facebook and twitter now offer advertising tools they are not the foundations of great social media marketing. Social media marketing is an opportunity to build your brand value and position your brand in the mind of the consumer. Social media’s interactive nature allows brands to become more personal and real to the consumer. This type of brand relationship goes a long way to cultivating a loyal customer base. The big success of a social media campaign is the ability to create positive word of mouth...

Advertising Online: Are all your eggs in Google’s basket?

Advertising online seems to be fairly straight forward. You call your Google Adwords Consultant and ask him/her to place some advertising around a few of your favorite keywords. This often generates the traffic results you are looking for and you can rest easy. I would like to suggest 3 points that may start you on a different train of thought. 1) Facebook advertising Advertising on Facebook has become the first competitor to Google Adwords since forever. The big strength with Facebook is the ability to fine-tune the demographic that you advertise to. Facebook collects rich demographic data from its users and allows you to target you audience in very unique ways. In South Africa the main weakness would be that the Geotargeting options are limited, in that the smallest geographic area you can target is the whole of South Africa. 2) Niche Markets show high levels of loyalty Banner advertising has lost its flavor over the last years or so, however niche market websites that provide banner advertising may be a great way o establish your presence in the mind of your customers. This type of advertising may become very useful for B2B advertising. The effect created with this type of advertising has a similar effect to advertising in a print based trade magazine. 3) Google will always drive traffic Google is a great medium to drive traffic to your website. I still advise clients to take on Google Campaigns as part of the internet marketing campaign. The trick is...

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