Digital marketing trends coming in 2015

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving industry, and companies wishing to stay relevant and competitive need to stay abreast of developments. Even better, they should anticipate rather than react to them. In looking forward, I feel that the following four, exciting marketing trends are going to come into their own in a big way in 2015: 1. Personalisation The advantages offered by today’s technologies and online data mean that companies and brands are going to increasingly make the move from blanket marketing to personalisation – from mass consumerism to mass personalisation. We’re not talking about customisation in this respect, which is tailoring products to individual client requests, but rather customising specific products to specific groups of clients. Customers want personal value and personal assurance. When they get this then we’re going to start seeing some really great marketing taking place. With the technologies that are in place now, we can actually start to create this personalised service, both in content delivery and service delivery and in a variety of different other factors. 2. Actionable analytics Up until recently all online data took time to analyse; statisticians had to turn data into graphs so they could then be consumed and actioned upon by companies. Now, however, with the introduction of real-time analytics as well as crunching and visualisation tools businesses can understand data far better and far quicker. What this means for the world of marketing is that companies are empowered to move more quickly in the marketing space – they can...

Be honest and understand your customer – it makes them happier

I have recently had a very frustrating experience with a company who sold me a product. I have never been a fan of people who use their blogs to drag down a company so I will do my best not to do this here (although I really do feel like naming the company). The truth is I made a mistake in buying a software based product before double checking with the company that the software runs on a Mac computer. To my annoyance it did not. I take complete blame at this point, it was my mistake for not checking. Frustration? Here’s the frustrating bit. I contacted the support department to see if there was anyway to make this software run. Their answer was simple. “the software definitely does run on a Mac. You just need to boot it using windows software.” Now let me explain, asking a Mac user reboot their computer into a Windows operating system is not only an insult but also hugely inconvenient. This leads me to my point. There was a clear misunderstanding of a Mac user by this company. They felt they had a great solution but the solution only frustrates and infuriates the user at the end of the day. It would have been better to offer an immediate refund at this point and let me know it only runs on windows. I would have been happy to send the product back at this point and restart my search for the right product....

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