Be Brave: Differentiate with Digital

Digital presents a powerful opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves against competitors. We’ve all heard the stories of great digital projects and wonder how we could create the same traction for our own brands. In our quest to thrust our brands into the digital era, we have found it to be more difficult than we initially anticipated. The trouble is, brands who are unsure of the value of digital choose a copycat approach to digital marketing. They hear of something that worked for someone else and copy it. Choosing to copy others rather than create new opportunities results in a saturated market of ‘the same old’ digital tactics. We see it all over the place, in social media, as brands and agencies adopt the same ideas over and over again. Even in the mobile apps market, brands are too quick to jump in fast and end up with smaller and smaller returns from their online efforts. We need to make the copycat approach public enemy number one! The copycat approach comes when: Brands aren’t sure of who they are Brands are chasing speed to market over innovation Brands are afraid of failure It’s become my experience that brands who succeed in digital know who they are, they make sure their digital ideas match their overall strategy and they are brave. They’re even a little crazy, in a good way! So, it seems fairly practical that we could apply a simple process to getting out of a copycat approach and I’d...

Great social media brand tips from Nike

I have finally found a presentation at #SMWF that went deep into some branding ideas in social media. Kemi Benjamin spoke about social media management as a key part in branding but not the main part. I have enjoyed seeing what Nike has been doing in the branding space and how social it is without being all about social media. I think this is where Kemi has got it right with Nike. The focus is on being social. Making running social and this is not limited to social media only, however most of the campaign is underpinned by social media. The “running social” focus lead towards brand advocacy. This advocacy is brilliant in social networks because an advocate can easily share content about your brand in a space where they have influence. Kemi feels that this brand advocacy is the most important element of a strong brand. According to Kemi brand advocacy, – drives peer recommendation – cultivates influencers – delivers a loyal (sustainable) base – increase marketplace capacity – reduces costs and increases margin If you have not worked it out yet, I seriously enjoyed this presentation. So here are Kemi’s core conclusions about social media and branding. Bookmark these, save then, make them your screensaver – just make sure you understand these! Social media and branding core conclusions – Core marketing principles still apply – Know your objectives and then determine what social will bring to your brand plan – Advocacy is critical. It requires work and resource...

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