Is Live Chat So Important To Modern Businesses?

Providing customer service can be a long and time-consuming process for many companies. No matter how hard you work to provide a great service, there will always be customers and clients who need help from your business along the way. In the past, this sort of work would mostly be handled over the phone, but this isn’t the case today. In fact, almost every customer service strategy today needs to incorporate social media platforms that are completely chat-based. Live chat on websites has been slowly on the rise for the last few years, but why exactly is this form of communication becoming the preferred channel to communicate to businesses?

Customer Convenience

It’s no secret that live chat is popular amongst customers. Many people prefer the option to simply type out their questions and wait for a response compared to sitting on the phone for a long time. They can do their regular work in the process and will have the chance to leave the chat whenever they want to, making this much easier than using other forms of communication. Of course, though, it also has the benefit of being much faster than emails.


Keeping your team productive can be a big challenge, especially when they are dealing with customer service. There will always be cases that last much longer than others, but live chat provides the means for your team members to talk to more than one customer at once if they need to. It also makes it possible for your team members to research and look for answers without having to put the customer on hold or call them back.

AI & Chat Bots

It’s entirely possible to have the majority of your customer service live chats handled by an automated system. AI chatbots have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with these tools being able to handle complex conversations that feel like talking to a human. For more information click here to learn about live chat and chatbot options from Click Assistance. There are loads of companies on the market offering services like this, making it nice and easy to get your hands on a chatbot that will work for your business. In our social media agency, we are seeing the benefit of using scripted bots to manage and channel customer service questions. 

Recorded Communication

Having a record of the communications you have with your customers is very important. This can enable you to refer back to conversations and gather information down the line, while also ensuring that customers can’t claim that you’ve said or promised things that were never said. Of course, most countries have strict rules in place that mean you will have to tell your customers when they are being recorded. Most people will be happy with this, though, and you will be able to keep a transcript of all of your live chats.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on live chat tools to help with your customer communications. This sort of tool can be great for modern businesses, but you need to make sure that your customers and team members can keep up.

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