10 Advantages of Building a Strong E-Commerce Presence

Shopping trends have drastically changed since the digital transformation occurred. By 2021, e-commerce sales are predicted to reach a whopping $4.88 billion. It is a booming business. That is why a strong online presence is essential for every aspiring business owner.

Also, nearly 90 percent of shoppers start to search for a product online. Even when they end up buying a product from a physical store, they turn to digital channels first to compare prices and brands, read customer reviews and more.

Whether you are just starting off or looking to expand your business, you should turn to e-commerce for more revenue. Here are ten good reasons why.

Lower costs

E-commerce decreases investment since there are fewer costs involved in launching an online store. First, with no in-person staff, you are sure to save money. Also, there is no rent. Digital advertising is less expensive than traditional advertising. Organic search, Google Ads and Social Media are cost-effective ways to drive more traffic and increase sales. Marketing your products can be easy and cheap if you opt for email marketing too. MailChimp makes it easier to promote your pages and reach out to new customers at affordable prices.

Create your store in just a few clicks

You don’t have to build your e-store from scratch. E-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace allow you to have your online store running in no time. They offer pre-made templates and take care of hosting, platform maintenance and much more. If you are eager to start selling and making a profit then e-commerce platforms are the go-to option. With niche-specific themes tailored to suit various businesses, it has never been easier to create an appealing and reliable e-store.

E-commerce stores are ideal for niche products

You may be reluctant when it comes to selling too specific and niched products. The fear of not making enough revenue because of the limited market is common, but you can turn this fact into your advantage. This is where building a strong e-commerce presence is invaluable, as it can help you reach new consumers and grow your sales by making your niche products easy to find through search engines. Consumers are researching such highly-specialized products online too, and even making a purchase without paying a visit to brick-and-mortar retailers. Even highly specialized industries like the oilfield industry are taking advantage of this opportunity and selling online. Products like high-quality oilfield equipment have a very limited market in the physical world, but there is still a steady demand that can be addressed much more easily via e-commerce.

Successful digital marketing strategy

In a competitive market, it is important to stand out. One way to gain new customers is to improve your search rankings. About 35% of all e-commerce traffic comes from organic search. This means you can grow your sales by making your content search-friendly. Publishing engaging blog posts and video content about your services or products is a powerful tool to provide better user experience and build customer loyalty. A better shopping experience can increase your online orders.

Use customer data insight

Capturing and using customer insights can help you shape your products. You can leverage customer behavioural insights to gain more conversions and grow sales. You can track shopping habits and tailor promotional activities accordingly. In other words, the e-store allows personalization and better targeting of your consumers.

Easily available product information

Instead of plain writing on the products like in traditional shops, there is an abundance of information just a click away in e-stores. You can include in-depth descriptions, in-store availability, pricing and product comparisons. Also, to optimize your content and build trust, you can also include guides and compare prices and brands. This will help your customers make an informed decision when shopping for various products or services.

The power of customer reviews

Including user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful way to win shoppers’ trust. Customers’ reviews are authentic content people heavily rely on. The numbers are astonishing – 86 percent of online buyers trust online reviews. Incorporate customers’ ratings and testimonials in product pages. People are more likely to trust reliable feedback. Collecting social posts and publishing them on your product pages helps incredibly with how your brand is perceived.

A more convenient way of shopping

Instead of driving to a shop in biting weather or midst summertime heats, you can just browse through products on your laptop and with a few clicks, make an online purchase from the comfort of your own home. You can buy products from anywhere in the world without leaving your couch and the product will be delivered to your doorstep in a week’s time. You avoid traffic, parking, and nosy salespeople – what’s not to like?

Open at all times

Do you love shopping at odd times? Done and done! E-commerce stores are open 24/7 every day of the year. Working around the clock is much more convenient for buyers. This is why more people are switching from traditional shopping to e-commerce websites every year. Sellers also benefit from non-stop working stores, since they can get more orders.

Expand globally

E-commerce stores allow you to move past the physical walls of your shop and go global. Reaching out to customers around the world has become possible using digital channels. You can sell your products to anyone anywhere. An online presence allows you to stay competitive, empower your brand and offer an exceptional experience to consumers worldwide.

Launching e-commerce is easy, low cost and low risk. What’s more important, it can take your business to new heights. Now is the right time to act and get your finances in order!

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