Why Startups Need to be Humancentric

Entrepreneurs are people who don’t have a shortage of ideas. They’re constantly devising new ways to create value. The very nature of their “idea-driven” personality has become their most significant asset and the most substantial liability.  The trouble with being an ideas-driven person is that we don’t take the time to run those ideas through the gauntlet before testing them thoroughly. We move quickly to our other strength – taking the concept from zero to one.  Clive Butkow shared a list of the Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail, and I found it incredibly interesting to draw comparisons to my experiences as an entrepreneur.  No 1: No Market Need I’ve been down this road so often it’s scary. Launch day comes, and the sales plans are executed. We wait in anticipation and – nothing – or at least, not enough. Coupled with this, we start to see that number six on the list is becoming a reality. Our research said people would pay for the product, but not at the price we could produce the product.  The small starting market we had, found the price too high, and we cannot find the market to generate our sales through.  At this point, I want to suggest a more in-depth dive into your research than “who is my customer.” Best practice talks about market segmentation, consumer research and persona development. While these are all valuable, they are not the endpoint we need. The endpoint is a buying customer – so the question I ask is...

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