How a Virtual Receptionist Can Benefit Your Business

When running a business, it is imperative that you can operate as efficiently as possible, whether you are a new business, a small business or a large corporation. An important part of any business is to have a professional first point of contact between yourself and a potential client. This is often conducted through a receptionist or assistant, who can organize important meetings, conduct daily administrative tasks and answer the phone to any clients.

A virtual receptionist can be defined as an outsourced call answering service that can organize your diary, take orders and answer the phone for your business. In this modern, digital world of remote working, there seems to be less need for a physical, in-house receptionist. Saving you money and precious time used to hire such professionals, a call answering service can take your business calls at any time.

By using reliable, trustworthy and professional virtual receptionists, you can ensure that your business matters are organized. In the business world, it’s all about the first impression, and with a virtual receptionist service, you can be sure that any clients are dealt with correctly in an efficient manner. 

For customer-focused businesses, ensuring that you give excellent customer service is crucial. Customers need to feel as though they are valued and that time is taken to understand any queries that they have. For your business to be successful in the long term, you need to make sure that it is getting repeat purchases from existing customers, as well as purchases from new customers. With more and more people leaving reviews on websites, a good image is essential to success.

Time management

A virtual receptionist can be extremely beneficial in terms of time management. Letting you get on with other important day to day tasks, it will make sure that all your calls are taken and don’t go to voicemail (people do not often bother to leave a voicemail when enquiring). Keeping you informed of all the calls that are coming through, it will be a stress-free process. Calls can also be screened, in order to reduce people wasting your precious work time (which is particularly essential to start up businesses) or other businesses cold calling you. This also helps to increase the value of each call, helping to transform your business for the future.

It will not only save you money and time on the recruitment process, but it will save time that you would have spent on training the employees, which would also have taken away from other important tasks you need to complete. Many virtual receptionist services have a strict training program, ensuring that they are conducting their roles the best they possibly can. Through the process, you will also not have to worry about employee turnover or return on investment, as you will have a reliable service that will be there for you as your business grows.


Whether you work in a physical office or work from home, having a receptionist to answer business calls is important. The good thing about an answering service is that they can work from anywhere in the world and they do not have to be in the same location as you. This saves on the cost of office space and desk space, that would have to be considered when hiring an in-house receptionist.

No missed calls

Time is money and to lose business due to a lack of communication is destructive. With a 24/7 call answering service, you can guarantee that your business is not missing out on potential business and that you can have out of hours support (which you wouldn’t have with an in-house receptionist). Calls may be missed due to staff taking breaks throughout the day or even going on holiday throughout the year. A call answering service will ensure that no time is wasted and that an array of queries can be answered at a drop of a hat without the need for such breaks.

So are there any risks of a virtual receptionist? One fear felt by many businesses is that by using a virtual receptionist, it may not be as secure. As they will have access to certain passwords, customer data and information about the business itself, it may seem daunting to give your details up to them. A great thing about a virtual receptionist, however, is that you have control over what information you give them. Yes, in order for them to operate they will require certain information for them to conduct their role in your business, but you will have the freedom to seal confidential files with a password, track the calls they are conducting and limiting their access. By discussing expectations with them beforehand you can guarantee that these worries won’t come to fruition.



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