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Email marketing is big news in business. If you don’t have a newsletter, you’re well behind the times. The power of landing in your customer’s inbox is yet another testament to how technology can transform your business. Get this right, and you could see sales skyrocketing. In the aftermath of every email, you should see higher volume on your website.

Sadly, it doesn’t always work that way. The thing to remember is that, when you send emails to customers, you’re competing with countless companies. Everyone does this now, after all. As such, most company emails end up straight in the trash folder. Unless that is, you find a way to give your email efforts an edge.

By engaging your focus here, you could become one of the few companies who doesn’t get trashed straight off the bat. If you manage that, you stand a much higher chance at creating leads from this outlet. So, how exactly can you save face and stay in customer inboxes for a little longer?

Come up with irresistible subject lines

Too often, companies cut corners when it comes to email subject lines. That means they land in the trash before a customer even opens their offering. Don’t let this happen. Instead, think about email titles which could increase your open rates. This could be the thing which sets you apart from the 269 billion emails which are sent every day. You needn’t even go all out with this. To the point and simplistic titles often seem to attract more attention. Funny or controversial lines could also serve you well. Don’t be afraid, either, to lean back on a little classic click bait to help your case here. Anything to get that email opened and spread your marketing seeds.

Create content which draws customers in

Even if customers open your email, a long page of writing is always sure to put them off. Why should they bother to read your essay anyway? Instead, focus on interesting and easy-to-consume content. Options like short paragraphs or pictures always work well. You could even use something like the multi channel messaging platform offered by Whispir to incorporate rich media, including videos. These break information into bite-sized chunks and ensure a load more customers stick around for what you have to say.

Make it easy for readers to find you

The quality of your email efforts isn’t going to help you in the slightest if you don’t also make yourself easy to find. Even customers you impress will lose interest if they have to search for you to take things further. Save them the hassle by ALWAYS signing off with a banner in your emails. On this, you can include your web address and social media handles. A contact number won’t hurt either. That way, you make the most of any interest you’ve managed to create. Then, you can sit back and say hello to a whole load of email leads.


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