Why we don’t delegate and how to start

A leader is constantly in need of people around them who can make things happen. The trouble is that many of us don’t lean on those people around us and we therefore end up focusing more of our time in the business instead of on the business.

This is a standard issue problem that most entrepreneurs experience and it becomes one of the biggest reasons why they cannot lead effectively. You cannot lead someone if you are doing their work for them.

Over the past few years I have found three reasons why we don’t delegate work to our employees and our peers in business.

1)    We don’t trust others to do it

It is that simple. We are surrounded by people we don’t trust to do a good job. People who are incapable of producing the work you need done.

Entrepreneurs often don’t spend enough time with their team to build up their skills in doing the work the right way.

Solution: Hire well and train better:

Hire and partner with trustworthy people then spend a lot of time at the start making sure they know and understand how to do what you need them to do.

2)    Self importance, only I can do it right

This often happens when we get into a rut on the first problem. When we are constantly let down by untrustworthy employees or employees who weren’t trained properly we begin to believe a massive lie.

“Only I can do this right, I just have to find the time to do it right”

This attitude is a recipe for disaster and often ends up in broken businesses, broken lives and even a few hospital visits.

 Solution: Humility

You can coach and lead others to do the same thing, they may even be better suited to do the job than you.

 3)   Guilt

I shouldn’t make my problems any one else’s problem. They didn’t sign up for this, I should bear the brunt of the challenge and let them handle the easy stuff.

Solution: Consider a new view-point

When you give people on your team new challenges they have the opportunity to prove themselves and grow in the business. The harder the challenge the bigger the opportunity for growth.

Warning: When people grow, you by default, will have to grow as new roles will be created because the people in your team are driving your business forward. Delegation of ownership of business problems allows your business and your team to grow faster in the business.

By default you will need to grow in your leadership ability to keep up with those people on your team who are stepping up to the challenges you present them.

People want to grow, growth is possible with delegation.  Keep in mind that people might actually want you to delegate.


Trying to unpack the point at which people and technology meet. One step at a time.

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