Five steps to successful social media monitoring

Why should I bother monitoring social media?

Quite simply, social media management allows you to track what the public is saying about you, analyse the comments and then identify opportunities to engage the public better with your products and services.

Here are Meltwaters “Five steps to successful social media monitoring”

Step 1: Start listening in

Start listening to social media sites to find out where your customers are and what their needs are. Hold back on the desire to respond straight away. Careful listening with gain your great insight into how to start your monitoring off on the right foot.

Step 2: Define why

Make sure you know why you are getting involved in social media monitoring and what you are hoping to achieve. In other words, get into social media with your eyes open to the opportunities and pitfalls.

Step 3: Choose your channel

Not every channel will render a great return. Pick your channels to go to market and monitor them carefully.

Think about why you want to engage, where you want to engage, and who you want to engage with. Monitoring can help you to find the influential people online that have established communities.

Step 4: Engage

Take action on your insight into your customers. Get involved with them, run campaigns and invite them to participate.

Use Social CRM to directly communicate with your customers.

Quick Tip: choose your battles wisely. Not every conversation is worth getting involved in

Step 5: measure your return on investment

You an only measure effectively once you have laid out the first four steps properly. Use online reputation management software (free or paid for) to measure the stats to put against your objectives.

6 thoughts on “Five steps to successful social media monitoring

  1. Mike Anderson


    Thanks for the write up on my presentation on on Using Social Media Monitoring to Form your SM Strategy… I am honoured!

    Just having 10 minutes was a Killer, and I would have loved to have had more time to elaborate, so I am pleased we were able to catch up afterwards and talk in more detail 🙂

    I thought Kelvin’s Case study really gave a real tangible and successful use case for SM monitoring

    I’ve uploaded the ppt to slideshare if you are interested

    Meltwater BUzz

  2. Sergei Dolukhanov

    Social media monitoring is just the tip of the iceberg. Sure it adds nice graphics, cool charts, and tells your company who’s talking about you online, but the bottom line is there is no clear way to make money using it.

    The real key to tapping the value of social media is social media research and analytics. Its the intelligence you can glean from it by using the right technology, implementing the right processes, and consulting with the right experts and demonstrating the impact social actually has on business.

    Its about understanding the underlying motivations behind why people say what they say online, and how their voices impact business. Monitoring should only make you drool; its like being in a goldmine with a camera when what you really want is a team of miners and some fine equipment.

    – Sergei



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