Foursquare’s influence on its users (info graphic)

A few weeks ago we wrote and insightful article written on our DigitLab blog introducing people to what Foursquare is all about. Now I wanted to take a look at how Foursquare users are being influenced by this online location based social media game.

As you know, if you read this blog often I am usually intrigued by peoples usage of the internet but in this case I have had a few personal experiences that made this research even more interesting.

A good friend, who is an avid foursquare user, called me the other day to share with me how his girlfriend had got emotional after securing her “mayorship”  at one of their favourite coffee shops. Clearly this mayorship meant more to her than most mayorships. Then my wife nearly caused an road accident, yelling at me for driving off to quickly from a destination before she could “check-in.”

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I would love to hear any Foursquare stories you may have – just leave them in the comments section below.


I found this great infographic that shares some information on the Influence of Foursquare on its Users. It was put together by Austin & Williams.

A Few Key Highlights:

  1. Users are searching Foursquare at least once a week for local businesses
  2. 86% of users are checking in once a day (Thats a stronger loyalty than MXit users)
  3. Claiming Foursquare badges can increase foot traffic in a retail store simply to get the badge
  4. Tips on Foursquare are taken seriously



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