Google Chrome provides a personalised view of the Internet

Internet users are starting to leave Firefox and have started using Google Chrome. Google Chrome is fast becoming a preferred internet browser by many of the internets influencers and power-users.

So lets look into how this will impact your SEO efforts in attracting the attention of influential internet users.

Starred/Bookmarked Results are appearing on the font page

When people bookmark pages in google chrome it syncs with their google account and prioritises those results in google search. Google does this because they believe that the most meaningful results are those that come from sources that you trust.

This means that our SEO and internet marketing job just got harder. If we are not able to build trust with our consumers and our competitors are then they will most likely hold a top, front page position instead of us.

Here’s an example:

I have bookmarked TomorrowToday, the company where I am a Keynote Speaker and Social Media Coach. Recently I did a search on Keynote Speaker and found a page full of results that did not link to TomorrowToday. I only found TomorrowToday on the second page of the search result.

However, because I have TomorrowToday bookmarked the search result displayed TomorrowToday on the front page in my starred/bookmarked listings. This listing showed up at the top of the page.

keynote speakers

Building Trust

Building trust is a complicated and onerous task. It is done by building relationships with the end consumer and  learning to appreciate their unique situation. Companies and brands online need to build trustworthy communities in order to naturally gain the competitive edge in their market. More and more Search Engines are looking towards the personalised social graph of internet users to create a personalise search result.

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome provides a personalised view of the Internet

  1. Gareth

    Hi Mike,
    Your link to the browser statistics is really interesting. IE’s steady decline has been amazing, and now Firefox is heading the same way. I have loved Firefox for a long time, but with a few Add-ons not compatible with Firefox 4,0 it is a bit irritating.


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