How valuable is your website in B2B purchasing decisions?

The invention of social media and blogging has left a big question unanswered in the online marketing realms. Just how valuable is a company website in business to business purchasing decisions? Well it seems that they are very valuable but not neccessarily influential in in the three stages of purchasing.

This information comes from the Buyershpere report which I believe shows great insight into the platforms neccessary to create business to business sales leads from the internet.

A Summary: How important is your company website?

When looking at buying business services there are three stages of the purchase that have been identified:

  1. Identifying and defining the need
  2. Indentifying potential suppliers
  3. Final selection of the supplier

Social Media influences purchase decisionsIn all three stages a company’s website was the primary channel used to gather information, even more than web searches. In stage one industry press, word of mouth and events were next in line as channels used to identify and define the need for the purchase.

The company website in this case has the opportunity to establish brand, share product details and specifications and add value to the different purchase stages. the interesting fact that rose oot of the study though was that the company website had very little influence on the conclusion of each stage.

The effect of social media on business to business purchasing decisions

It’s all about influence!

Every stage of the purchase cycle revealed that  social media channels and word of mouth were the primary influential channels that influenced the decisions made.

Stage one indicated blogs and word of mouth as the primary influencer, whilst stage two and three showed a preference towards twitter, blogs and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “How valuable is your website in B2B purchasing decisions?

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  3. Brad Hutton

    All too true, so many companies are only interested in positive news. Too few admit to making mistakes!
    Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to demonstrate that your company employs humans. Having said that, mistakes also allow companies a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate that they are committed to their clients, and they should not be shy to publish the fact that they stole the moon to fix a situation they had created.
    Doing business in the real world, means doing business with real people.


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