Marketing Warwick Junction

Today we launched a website with a simple aim to sell tours around The Markets of Warwick.

Warwick Junction lies on the edge of the Durban’s inner-city and is the primary public transport interchange in the city. On an average day the area accommodates 460 000 commuters, and at least 6000 street vendors. Given the confluence of rail, taxi and bus transport, this area has always been a natural market for street vendors. Markets-of-WarwickThe Markets of Warwick includes between 5000 and 8000 vendors trading in 9 distinct markets. Currently this is the only informally structured market in a public space of this magnitude, and thus establishes itself as the single most authentic African market that South Africa has to offer.

I was intrigued by the business and enjoyed working on this project because they seem to have found a niche in tourism that I have not seen yet. The tourism element is only a small part af a great vision for the founding company Asiye Etafuleni. I would encourage you to check this out and learn a bit more about the project. Even book a tour around the market (for a mere 50 bucks!).

A note on strategy

On a strategy side, due to time constraints, a full internet marketing campaign will be put into affect at a later stage. So the initial efforts were best spent in creating a simple, easy to use website that drove people to booking tours. The website also shows additional information for those looking to find out more about what the tours entail.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Warwick Junction

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  2. Tamryn Coats

    Working with Mike Saunders was an incredibly efficient and rewarding process! As the project manager for this Markets of Warwick Project I was most impressed by the excellent and punctual work Mike did, he attended to every phone call/sms/email within minutes- even when I was contacting him on an hourly basis. The site launched ahead of schedule and we are all so impressed with the final product. Mike gave us appropriate and clear advice about the layout of the site and it seems to have worked perfectly. He was attentive to our every request and as an organization we look forward to using his skills again for future projects. On behalf of the Warwick Market traders we applaud and thank you for a website excellently achieved!


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