Harboring a healthy skepticism for the internet

I was thinking about the opportunity that exists on the internet the other day and I started to think about how many people have jumped into the internet and failed dismally.

Internet marketing skepticismI think that this has happened because of a disregard of the hard work involved in running an internet marketing campaign or online business.

So many people speak to me about this amazing business idea that involves developing a small website and then sitting back and watching the money roll in.

Unfortunately the internet does not work like that. I wish it did, but it doesn’t! It takes hard work, dedication, persistence and and innovative mindset to stay ahead of the pack. At time its even important to maintain a healthy skepticism for the internet and its possibilities. Just to keep us on our toes!!

4 thoughts on “Harboring a healthy skepticism for the internet

  1. AntonRSA

    100% Mike!

    It takes dedicated time and effort to make a success on the internet whether it be with SMM, SEO or just building your brand, success doesn’t come overnight.

  2. Axel Bührmann

    Agreed totally. But I’m also getting a wee bit tired of companies that seem to harbour an “unhealthy” scepticism… in this day and age, can’t be bothered with moving to the ‘net and all that it offers, even in baby steps.

    There has to be a healthy middle ground; surely?

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