Three reasons why social media does not work for you

So you jumped into social media and have found it to be a waste of time and of very little value to you. I want to suggest that maybe the problem is not social media but rather how you are using it. Here are three possible reasons why social media does not work for you:

You are not worth following.

The content your are producing is poor following and therefore you have been found wanting. This could be because you focused on self-promotion rather than interaction with the consumer or it may be because your content was not well thought out.

You are not focused

You posts may be interesting but you lack focus. Focus is what will create loyal followers. You need to give your users something to hold onto. In my own personal experience I gained five times more twitter followers once I found a focus and a plan for my twitter marketing strategy.

You are not social

Social Media demands your attention, or at least the attention of an employee in your company. This is not a one way street where you can shout down the social media channel with your meagphone and expect the masses to come running. Social media is an opportunity to build trust with your public, to make your brand more approachable and likable. This can only happen with a social media management strategy that actively pursues a two-way communication strategy.

2 thoughts on “Three reasons why social media does not work for you

  1. Gareth

    Hi Mike, Thanks for this article. Helpful. I am wanting to start a blog using WordPress, and link it to Facebook, but realise that it needs a lot of planning otherwise it might be irrellevant or not sustainable. By the way, it will have a very different focus and goal to OTA…

    1. Mike Saunders

      Hi Gareth

      You are right in that planning is essential to getting the marketing mix right in Social Networking. However don’t be afraid to experiment. When you are ready we could sit down and chat more about what you want to achieve with the project.


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