Tips on Creating your Online Portfolio

Creating an online profile of yourself can be a tricky concept. People are such mullti-facted beings that encompass a variety of business, emotional, spiritual and social interests. This means that if you are blogging about all your personal ‘facets’ you blog or facebook profile may not hold a persons interest for long.

So how do we setup and manage our social network in such way to generate interest and build our reputation with our followers? In my experience I have found the following tips very helpful:

Use specific social platforms for a specific purpose.
I use my facebook profile to socialise and share everything about me with people I know. This is appreciated by my friends but most people who are interested in my photography don’t care much for the social media articles I share.

My twitter profile is then specifically focused on social media and therefore my followers on twitter are only interested in social media. These people may never join me on facebook, which is fine. I already have their focused attention on twitter as I post articles, case studies and blog posts on social media with a South African focus. When people in facebook show interest in social media I invite them to join me on twitter as their experience will be better.

I also use Linkedin as a portal to network with business people who I may never see on Facebook. The environment is more professional and in turn the interest generated tends to be professional. It may be a bit more work but the database I grow on linkedin could well be the most valuable database in terms of future business.

Post with purpose
Make sure that every post you make is worth it. Don’t prove to everyone that you are a fool who spends too much time on facebook. Rather post valuable information that people will appreciate. This will build you a solid following who gets excited when you post something new.

Online PortfolioSave yourself time
Use a service like and twitterfeed to setup automatic posting of your blog/website to relevant social networks. This will save you time in the long run and should help you to use your blog/website as the hub of all your internet activity.

I hope this has been a valuable read for you. Enjoy setting up your networks with purpose from now on. Contact me or comment below if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

One thought on “Tips on Creating your Online Portfolio

  1. Mike Saunders

    Just wanted to add some additional information here. By syndicating and twitterfeed you may have too many profiles to keep track of.

    If you are looking for a system that keeps most of its syndication services under one roof you can look at trying Hootsuite.

    Hootsuite includes RSS feeds, scheduling updates, facebook, twitter and


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