Feel inspired to aim higher, think deeper and not be afraid.

– Keith Coats.

Mike’s book offers advice to start-ups: in particular, having a willingness to change as a new digital world emerges.

– Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx.

“Reading Mike’s book is like sitting down for a chat with a friend who is honestly relating his experiences in business because he wants you to do better.”

– Dave Duarte, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

“The must have guide to anyone who has a business, runs a business or wants to start a business. The book is an easy read, with real take aways that you can use in every day life.”

– Warren Harding, BBC Africa

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About the book

The Five Year Mark is a collection of personal stories and lessons that Mike Saunders has learnt while building DigitLab. In short, easy to read chapters, the book covers a range of principles and lessons encountered during DigitLab’s first five years; including vision, leadership, operations, personal development, culture and more.
The book is organised into 6 sections that collectively cover 34 lessons.


Finding a dream to chase, distilling the vision and learning to live with significance.


Thoughts on finding the best people and creating an environment that brings the best out in them.


Learning the subtle art of leadership and unlocking the potential in others.


You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. We dive into how to learn more about what you're capable of.


Operations in business help you fulfill your dreams. We did many things out of the norm, and we learnt a lot about building a stable business that stands out from the crowd.


All we know is that what got us to the five year mark may not help us to reach the next mark. We need to be open to dream bigger and learn faster.

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